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Monday, August 22, 2016

Medicinal Music

I'm not sure what you all listen to, if it's the radio or Pandora, Spotify, etc. but ever since I found that I could pay for a radio station and not listen to commercials, I've done that.  A funny thing happened though, the online station finds songs similar to the ones I like and that is how I find new artists.  Now, I have no clue to who the popular artists are on the charts and 
 watching the music awards has become Greek to me.  
A new artist popped up last year on my favorite station and the one song  that would play about twice a day was fun and different and I never found myself hitting the thumbs down icon.  Music plays in my store all day while I work and then in my kitchen while I cook.  It also plays when I'm cleaning house.  Singing and dancing and dancing with my cats (dancing with them against their wills), yep... we just have a blast in our little world.  Music gets me in the zone, raises the vibes and helps me get stuff done. Singing is good too.  It brings more oxygen into your body and oxygenates the blood, helping all parts of the body.  We should take a lot more cleansing breaths throughout the day.  So music is beneficial to ones mental as well as physical health.
Okay, sorry, tangent tangent.
Vance Joy is his name and ever since I must have finally hit the thumbs up on his song Rip Tide, I have been getting loads of his music and I LOVE IT!!!!!!  Then I found out last week that he was an Aussie, so I hoped onto YouTube and watched all his videos.  With great pleasure I listened to his wonderful upbeat songs and was transported through his beautiful videos filmed in Oz with the rough and rugged bush and the serene and winding shorelines.  His videos tell a story, which is always nice, since most times when I do watch a video, it seems to ruin the song because 
I don't know what the heck I'm looking at.
Maybe you all know about him already and I'm the last to know, doesn't matter.  I just had to share him with you guys.  I hope you are well.  Enjoy, Heidi :)

Video - Vance Joy- From Afar

This one make me think of South Australia, not sure though if that is where it was shot.  I just love the scenery and the funky late 70's, early 80's fashion.

Video - Vance Joy - First Time

This one sent me head over heels for Vance.  How can you not want to dance and sing to this song???

Video - Vance Joy - Play with Fire

This is a fun video and I just love the winding shoreline drive.  The actor is good, so repeatable and funny, watching him grieve with his broken heart and then make peace and move on.