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Sunday, February 22, 2015

In Deep Shift

One of the first documentaries Oprah aired on her new network "OWN", was "Wake Up".
"Wake Up" Trailer by Jonas Elrod
I was so intrigued by this documentary because after I lost my Dad, I was wanting to reconnect some way or some how.  I felt like I needed his strength and security to get me through the tough times in my life.
I became very open to new ideas and began questioning and learning and evolving into a new and better version of me, I like to call this "The Inside Job".
My Dad's death put me on the path to my spiritual awakening. It wasn't until just recently I realized that my Dad's greatest gift to me was his love and in his passing, it is the same love that is with me transforming me and guiding me to wake up.  I talk to him everyday knowing he is with me and guiding me, protecting me and giving me the strength and security I desperately wanted.
Jonas Elrod feels like my kind of people, like I am apart of his tribe, if you will.
There has been people come in and out of my life since I have been on the path, some teachers, some students and some needing my help.  Being the florist puts me in people's lives during some of their worst times, like death.  Sharing what I have learned is my integration.  This is some pretty awesome stuff and I am excited to learn more every chance I get.
Jonas has started a show airing on Oprah's OWN network called "In Deep Shift", that comes on after "Super Soul Sunday".  I LOVE this show!!!!
Thank you Jonas for sharing your story with the world and now sharing other's stories, it's truly inspirational.  Enjoy, Heidi
In Deep Shift with Jonas Elrod from the OWN network.