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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Yard Stick Shelf

Over the Christmas Holidays, I promised that we would tackle a few of the projects for his bedroom.  The yardstick shelf is a project that I had him help me with.  If you want a 12 year old boy to help you, just hand him a power tool.  These shelves were the perfect way to display his collection of model cars without taking up space in his room.  Enjoy, Heidi

What you will need:
1 - Drill with very small drill bit to make pilot holes in wood before screwing in screws (if not your wood could split)
1 - screw driver bit for you drill to screw in the screws
1 - yardstick
1- 1X4  board
2 - small metal "L" brackets
2 - small brass wood screws to mount L bracket to yardstick
2 - wood screws to mount L brackets to wall
Some wood stain to darken the new wood to look aged
(I used some Old English scratch cover for dark woods mixed with some Mineral Oil and rubbed it lightly over the completed shelf with an old rag.)
Images via me, Heidi

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