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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Put your words into the fire.

Put your words into the fire
Watch them burn your heart's desire
Rise up in the air
In a cloud of silk and smoke and dust
Fade into the night
It's a comforting feeling with you at my side

Let me shake your honest hands
And I'll sit down beside you now
Lean our heavy heads
Of the weight of the things that are left unsaid
Don't worry about it now
'Cause in the morning they will all just be ashes on the ground

So what's been on your mind
Eating you inside
Taking all of your time
On this warm summer night
Put your words down in the fire

When we were down at sandy beach
Old man talking in young man's words
Tell me where you would like to be
Tonight don't be afraid to dream
Lean on the fire for a while
Cause in the morning it will all just be ashes on the ground

So what's been on your mind
Eating you inside
Taking all of your time
On this warm summer night
Put those words down in the fire

Lyrics by Patrick Watson 
Song: Words into the Fire by Patrick Watson
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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Friday, June 26, 2015

Butterfly Wall

To my surprise, my new iPhone takes pretty good enough pictures.  
This has made it more convenient to take a shot and not have to worry if my camera battery is charged or if it even has a memory stick in it.
Hope you enjoy my Butterfly Wall that is in my store.

All images and designs on this post, via Heidi Jaster aka Heidi Claire.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


I finally applied for my passport this week.  I have been telling myself for the last  2 years that I need to get it and strike it off my list of "Things to do for Moving to Australia".  Now to wait six months for it to arrive.  This month, I have started to call it my plan to move and no longer my dream to move.  Just by changing dream to plan has completely changed my view.  Before I felt hopeful that it would happen one day, but now it feels real and this is totally happening.  At the beginning of this year, I made a list of projects, I wanted to accomplish.  The main one, probably the biggest, is to finish all of the renovations on my house.  I also want to strip everything out of my house that I do not love or need.  I want every piece of paperwork shredded or filed where it needs to be.  I want a place for everything and everything in its place.  So when the time comes, I will be ready.  I am expecting chaos, but if all of these things are done, maybe less chaos.  I have an Australian resume created and a portfolio compiled of my best flower arrangements that I was able to take a pic of.  I am thinking that I need to go ahead and make a graphics design portfolio as well.  I am starting to charge for my work, so I guess I am officially a graphics designer.  Stepping down as directors from organizations and at the end of the year, I will no longer be our Farmers Market manager.  I am stream lining my life, organizing, planning, cleaning, and simplifying.  Last Fall, my family quit eating wheat, high fructose corn syrup, GMO foods, artificial anything to become healthier.  Living this lifestyle means a lot of cooking at home.  We are actually saving money because we don't eat out, which is very expensive.  My hubby lost 40 lbs. and got off his high blood pressure meds.  I have lost 20 lbs. quit having migraines and acid reflux.  Our life is now, more of us together in the kitchen cooking, playing with cats, singing and dancing and cleaning.  It's really good.  I can write a post now that Valentines day, Prom, Mothers Day and the funeral frenzy is in the past (that was a lot of flower arranging).  All I have left is graduation and then its three months of florist down time.  My son is twelve and bigger than me.  I have commissioned him to help me with all of the house projects this Summer.  He said yes, of course, because there are power tools involved.  We talk about Australia about once or twice a week.  I preach to stay in the NOW, but its hard not be excited and think of future goals.  I accept that this is one of life's great paradoxes, "have long term goals for progress, but stay in the NOW".  I hope you all are doing well.  I am sorry that Blog Land is dying.  You are welcome to follow me on Pinterest.  I have over 12,000 followers on my "You can quote me on that" board.  Those quotes have become my daily mantras, my continued education for spiritual growth and enlightenment.  They are great for becoming the best version of yourself.  Enjoy, Heidi
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Exercise Motivation

Whenever your progress seems slow, sometimes so darn slow, just remember that progress is progress and at least you are headed in the right direction. All you have to do is keep going and you WILL get there. --

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Magical Music Man.

With a Classical background, this amazing violin playing, whistling man blew my  mind the other day when I discovered him.  Some songs have tempo changes that I am not fond of, but I find myself yearning for the tempo to change back and when it does, it feels like taking that fist bite again.  Nothing like the first bite.  He seems like a little bit of mad genius twisted in divine musical creativity. I have never seen anything really like him.  Enjoy.  Love, Heidi

Andrew Bird

Sunday, March 22, 2015

A little place in the country.

The older I get the more I yearn for the life I once lived in the country and a more simple one too.
Enjoy, Heidi
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Sunday, February 22, 2015

In Deep Shift

One of the first documentaries Oprah aired on her new network "OWN", was "Wake Up".
"Wake Up" Trailer by Jonas Elrod
I was so intrigued by this documentary because after I lost my Dad, I was wanting to reconnect some way or some how.  I felt like I needed his strength and security to get me through the tough times in my life.
I became very open to new ideas and began questioning and learning and evolving into a new and better version of me, I like to call this "The Inside Job".
My Dad's death put me on the path to my spiritual awakening. It wasn't until just recently I realized that my Dad's greatest gift to me was his love and in his passing, it is the same love that is with me transforming me and guiding me to wake up.  I talk to him everyday knowing he is with me and guiding me, protecting me and giving me the strength and security I desperately wanted.
Jonas Elrod feels like my kind of people, like I am apart of his tribe, if you will.
There has been people come in and out of my life since I have been on the path, some teachers, some students and some needing my help.  Being the florist puts me in people's lives during some of their worst times, like death.  Sharing what I have learned is my integration.  This is some pretty awesome stuff and I am excited to learn more every chance I get.
Jonas has started a show airing on Oprah's OWN network called "In Deep Shift", that comes on after "Super Soul Sunday".  I LOVE this show!!!!
Thank you Jonas for sharing your story with the world and now sharing other's stories, it's truly inspirational.  Enjoy, Heidi
In Deep Shift with Jonas Elrod from the OWN network.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Yard Stick Shelf

Over the Christmas Holidays, I promised that we would tackle a few of the projects for his bedroom.  The yardstick shelf is a project that I had him help me with.  If you want a 12 year old boy to help you, just hand him a power tool.  These shelves were the perfect way to display his collection of model cars without taking up space in his room.  Enjoy, Heidi

What you will need:
1 - Drill with very small drill bit to make pilot holes in wood before screwing in screws (if not your wood could split)
1 - screw driver bit for you drill to screw in the screws
1 - yardstick
1- 1X4  board
2 - small metal "L" brackets
2 - small brass wood screws to mount L bracket to yardstick
2 - wood screws to mount L brackets to wall
Some wood stain to darken the new wood to look aged
(I used some Old English scratch cover for dark woods mixed with some Mineral Oil and rubbed it lightly over the completed shelf with an old rag.)
Images via me, Heidi