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Friday, January 17, 2014

Succulents and Urns

You could almost put anything in an urn and it will look good,
but succulents and urns are a perfect match.
What's cool about succulents, is that 
you can break off a leaf, put it in dirt and grow a whole new plant (for free).
Right now, my plants are hanging out in the mud room with the washer and dryer for the winter.
I just know that if I pull them all back outside, it will freeze again.
To all my Aussie friends,
 I think of you often while we are freezing and sick with the flu here in Texas and
 you guys are melting and bursting into flames on the other side.
  Just another month or so of extremes.  Hang in there.
Enjoy weekend, Heidi
Image and design by Luxe Living Interiors, floral design by Thompson Hanson
Succulents are so pretty in an urn
 Image found on Pinterest
window framed
Image found on Pinterest
Succulents en masse in urn
Image found on Pinterest
Delicious! Hydrangea and succulents make a romantic pair in this picture. #FengShui
Love these succulent's in rusty urns.
Image via Kimball & Bean
Gorgeous urn in La Jolla
Image via SheSez
Turn overgrown succulents into this easy, no-maintenance bouquet.
Image via Gardenista
Succulents are great in the urns!

Grace Design Assoc in Santa Barbara.  Gorgeous.
planting succulents in urns... not sure I like the urn concept but the plants are beautiful :D
Image via The Shady Acre
The beauty of one succulent in a simple garden urn. Pretty, pretty!
Found on Pinterest
an old birdbath makes a perfect new home for shallow-rooted succulents
Image via Real Simple
I am really loving succulents in urns lately!
Image via Turner Photographics
Urn with chicks,hens ,pearls. I had some string of pearls. They died and can't find them anywhere :(
The little cascading ball succulent is called "String of Pearls".
rolling greens store, LA. Beautiful Succulents in an urn.
Image via Our Aesthetic Rolling Green Nursery
succulents in a footed urn
Image found on Pinterest
Bonito arranjo de jardim...
Image found on Pinterest
27 Succulent Container Garden Plans    Grow succulents in containers for easy-care color in any sunny, dry site.
Image via Better Homes and Gardens
Image via Heather Bullard

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