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Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Holiday

Wishing all you lovely people a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving Holiday.
Love, Heidi
Image via, me, The Nesting Co. Floirst

Friday, November 8, 2013

Cat Organizing in the Office.

This was the solution for having cats lying on paperwork and keyboards on my desk.
Boxes would work great too.  My son decided to label the cat organizer baskets.
Enjoy, Heidi
Image via Heidi Claire
Image via Heidi Claire
Sometimes you have more cats than baskets and maybe you need to get a bigger desk for more baskets.
This is my big boy, Romeo, he's my lover boy. 
All he wants to do is be next to me and lick me and my customers.
Image via Heidi Claire
This is Romeo as a teenage kitten.  Now he's all grown up and weighs over 15lbs.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Virtual Home Make-Over

It's been a few years since I've done a Virtual Home Make-Over.
I had to wait for just the right house to come along and one finally has.
There also has to be a really great inspirational After to really make the magic happen.
Enjoy, Heidi
Striped chair, gold mirror, dark walls
Image found here
 If you have high ceilings a fantastic fireplace, big fat crown molding, why not go black?  All black with a great big beautiful chandelier.
Image via 47 Park Ave.
This is another example
Black walls, big art, citron accents
Image found here
One more example.
Or maybe all white with black ceilings and an enormous chandelier?
47 Park Avenue - Design Hunter - UK design & lifestyle blog
Image via 47 Park Ave.
black and white living room
Image found here
I would totally pull off one off these looks (the top image), if I had this house pictured below.
Hint Hint.
Image found here.
Image found on Pinterest
If I had a long and narrow hallway that had tall ceilings, chunky molding and lots of doors, I would do something like this.  White on top and black on bottom.  The ceilings are tall enough that they can handle being visually cut off. Again, hang a gorgeous chandelier and call it done.
Image found here.
Maybe you would rather go all white and have the black accent color on the ceiling and the door?  Maybe there needs to be a repeat of a fabulous light fixture instead of one chandelier?
Image found here
I'm not a big fan of lots of furniture in the entry hall, maybe a long mirror near the door with a console so you can check yourself before you step out.
stone wall is nice
Image found here
Then we come to a part of the house that has an odd rock wall.
What do we do?
Place the best of the best stuff in front of it and make the whole dang thing a master piece.
Large mirrors, tall matching lamps, orchids (fake), shiny pretty things you love.
I like to call these areas, "Shrines". 
Image found here
I might have to do some sort of wood trim over the orange brick.
rock wall grande
Image found here
Lastly, we have the pool in the back yard.
This is my most favorite of all the pool pics I've come across.
There is an enchanting stone wall surrounding the pool with lots of vines, ferns, trees and flowers growing as if they have been doing so for many years.  Not a lot of concrete, this is what makes the pool feel so inviting.  The grass and plants have a softening effect.  The furniture is very classic and not dated.
Image found here
The picture is not all that different from the virtual after.
I hope you enjoyed my Virtual Home Make-Over on a house that I would LOVE to get my hands on.
I could live here for many years, it might take many years to pull these looks off?