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Monday, September 30, 2013

Meet Bella

Last week we found this precious baby abandoned after a heavy rain shower.
She was never scared, never puffed up, bit or fissed.
Purring and licking is the only thing she knows to do.
We brought her home and here she sits in her favorite spot, my store window.
She can watch the world go by and be safe and secure with plenty of food and cuddles.
We have named her Bella
 and I can honestly say that I have never known a cat with such a sweet disposition. 
 I truly believe she either is so appreciative that we saved her or perhaps she is an old soul in a cat body.  Maybe both.  Enjoy, Heidi

Monday, September 16, 2013

Making Love in the Kitchen, I mean Lunch. Part 11

I have major guilt issues with my blog right now.  For all of you great people out there who visit this poor abandoned blog on a daily basis, I'm so sorry.  When I do post something, it's a load of self help quotes and maybe you're like, "words again, I'd love something pretty to look at". make it all better I give you, "Making Love in the Kitchen, I mean Lunch. Part 11.
I made it extra special just for you.
Enjoy, Heidi
Image via Houzz
I love how the cabinetry looks like real furniture and there is a window full of light at the sink.
Image via Kevin Harris
Very timeless, I have a hard time trying to see how this will become a dated look in the future when it looks like it could be 100 or more years old already.
Kitchen: House Beautiful
Image via House Beautiful
Not only does adding the curtain under the counter only makes this kitchen have that old world style, but it is a super great way to save some $$ and you can change it on a whim.
Image via Better Homes and Gardens
Another example of how a curtain gives an old world look, the brick floor helping out as well.
I love the food in the glass canisters,  there is nothing more distracting than commercialized labels out in the open.
Wit en rood keuken
Image found here
This one is my favorite curtain example, the marble sink and window are a plus.
old work tables
LOVE this kitchen so much.  The high ceilings and antique unpainted wood furniture, plus happy sun beams shining into the room filling it with light.
Kitchen kitchen kitchen.
Image via House Beautiful
Big windows again at the sink and lots of wood and stone, very nice touch of black or dark gray seems to ground the room
shutters. #storage, #design, #shutters
Image via Carol Glaser
Holy moly, I love this kitchen so much.  The bleached wood shutters doors has done me in.
I love the crisp white and the pale bluish grey cabinetry and doors.  It has the perfect balance of new and clean paired with old world charm.  Thank you Carol, I can now die a happy woman.
Small Kitchens
Image via Lonny
I love this small kitchen, it reminds me of another, I once loved.   Oh yeah, this one.
checker floor
Image via Home Beautiful found Here
Image via Elle Décor
Lots of clean light flooding through the windows here, but I wonder if I would still love this kitchen as much if that huge wonderful basket was gone?
kitchen exposed
Unable to find source of image, please let me know if you know.
I love it all, unless those are Formica counter tops.  Lets just say that they are marble or some sort of rock.  The baskets are a nice touch to break up the same ole same old drawers, plus adds some charm.
I love the metal open shelving, design of the wood floors and use of black.  Lets not forget about the huge window in front of the sink.  Looks like we are finding a pattern.
TerraCotta Properties, Atlanta.
Image via Terra Cotta Properties in Atlanta
It's amazing what feet on a cabinet can do.
   Brian Gluckstein Design
Image found Here by Gluckstein Design
Feminine and masculine balanced with a touch of Goth.
The pictures on the range hood bother me.  I would also make the island a raw wood with a dark honey and aged patina.
rustic wooden hood
Image via Country Living
Three words for a great look, Wood Range Hoods.
Oak boards range hood in 1895 Victorian; Ken Linsteadt
Image found Here
Oak range hoods, loving the look and the little detail at the toe kick.  I did this in my kitchen and the only thing I hate is that stuff gets in that little nook and you can't just sweep it out.  It's not bad enough to get rid of the detail.
Love this country kitchen. The door is fabulous! My favorite kitchen so far and I think its because of all the doors outside... dutch door!  Beams are great.
Image via Chic Deco
Wow! This one is home in the country (bush).  I'll take it.
Image via House Beautifulflourish design + style
Image via Elle Décor
My Boho Chic is showing, I need to tuck that back in.  Pretty saucy don't you think?
Great styling of kitchen shelving
Image via House Beautiful
Here we have all sorts of white with collections.  What really makes it work is the baskets and open shelving, it makes the space feel very accessible.  Flooded with light is key too, but if you have a dark kitchen, just remember that there is probable a guy outside of this window with a light plant, shining it in just for this shot.
Our Keaton Extending Table is perfect for company. #potterybarn
Image via Pottery Barn
Funny, it seems like I've seen this room before....
Oh yeah.  I did a post about it here.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Enlighten Me.

Totally in love with these inspiring quotes from Rumi. 
Enjoy, Heidi

Set your life on FIRE. Seek those who fan the flames.  Rumi
It's kinda  ironic that I named our latest cat Remmy with out any thought, it just came out and I decided that would be her name.  Strange, yet pretty cool.