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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Romantic Reds.

I got to do a fun arrangement today for our local Herb Society.
They decided to give me the honors to make an arrangement for their Yearly Herbal Forum.
I was thrilled to do it and very excited with the outcome.
The silver flowers are Hens and Chicks, they are apart of the succulent family and every leaf if broken off can become a plant.  A customer gave me 2 big pots of them last year and boy, am I enjoying the benefits.  The big reddish orange roses are named Cherry Brandy.  The lavender flowers are scabiosa or pin cushion flower and the purple ones are Veronica.  There are green mini hydrangea, red spray roses and red ranunculus mixed in too.  The greenery is plamosa or lace fern as the older generation has told me and leather leaf as well as gun-eye eucalyptus which has a silvery green round leaf. 
Enjoy your weekend, Heidi

Monday, March 18, 2013

Vulnerablility is a Strength not a Weakness.

Sorry, my posts are few and far in between, life keeps getting in the way. 
I've been questioning some pretty big issues in my life lately.
It's pretty cool, how every time I get the courage to ask the question and send it out into the Universe, I get my answer. 
This is the quote I needed to hear.
All I have to do is show up and dare greatly.
This treasure of wisdom showed up Sunday as I watched Oprah's Super Soul Sunday.
If you get a chance, pick up the book Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, watch her TED talks and watch her on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday episode.  She studied vulnerability  for 11 years and explains how being vulnerable is a good thing and this is the birthplace where all things meaningful, authentic and creative come from.  I have to agree and it helped validate much of my life and be able to articulate issues for me.  I just wanted to share it you.
True Courage can't come unless you open yourself up to vulnerability.
Enjoy, Heidi
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Friday, March 1, 2013

Dutch Colonial Crush.

I have found a few new dream houses to share with you.  Dutch Colonial seems to be the look I am currently swooning over and one of my favorite architects as well (Mcalpine Tankersley).
It's so clean and balanced with just the right amount of texture and warmth from the wood.
 Happy Weekend, Heidi
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Thanks, Millie
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Image Mcalpine Tankersley
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Image Mcalpine Tankersley
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Image Mcalpine Tankersley