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Monday, December 31, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Cozy Christmas.

Loving all of these images of a very Cozy Christmas.
 My wish this Christmas is to be able to SLOW DOWN and take it all in,
because life seems to be slipping away so fast.  
Enjoy and Happy Holidays, Heidi
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Found HERE.
These are for my Aussie Friends.
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It is the Beaches and then some.

The Avett Brothers are singing my song.
Thank you.
Enjoy, Heidi
Image via me, words via The Avett Brothers.
Listen to the song HERE

Whitehaven Beach, Australia
Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Byron Bay, Australia
Byron Bay, Australia

Kangaroo Island, South Australia
Kangaroo Island, South Australia
 Blue Mountains, Australia.
The Blue Mountains, Australia

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Laugh till it hurts.

Laughing is the best medicine.  Here is your daily dose for today.
Enjoy, Heidi
Found on Pinterest.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Finding Joe

Joseph Campbell was one of the leading mythology experts of all time.
He diagrammed all of our stories.
He found this one story within all of the stories that we all can relate to no matter where you come from.
He called it the "Hero's Journey".
All the heroes and all the villains are in the story and the're all in our minds
 because that's where they come from.  
In other words, we're not separate from the characters we see in our movies and in our novel, 
they are us, it's one journey.  Click HERE to watch the full movie.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What to make for all the kiddos this Christmas?

Our family seems to have lots of little ones this year, they are at the fun age 1 to 3.
I have to get creative since my budget for Christmas this year is pretty much zero dollars.
I just recently pinned and fell in love with these fun felt animal masks and woodland animal gift bags.
So guess what all of the little kiddos will be getting this Christmas? 
I can see them already with their masks on all lining up to get their picture taking, what fun.
Enjoy, Heidi
P.S. steal this idea and create some awesome memories without spending much, 
they are usually some of the best memories anyway.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tangerine + Fuchsia +Coral + Blush = FUN

I am loving this combination of colors right now, I use it in my flower arrangements for the beginnings of Fall.
I would have never put these colors together, but they just seem so happy when combined.
If you think about it, these are the colors of the sunset.
Enjoy, Heidi

pink & orange

pink and orange....

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Changing of the Seasons

For a few days it felt like Autumn had begun, then it slipped back into Summer again.  
I am in love with these images of Granny Square afghans with turquoise and changing foliage.
I have been super busy with my store and I wrangled another hive of bees from under a house.
My next goal is to learn and master propagation of lavender and rosemary.
Never stop growing.  Enjoy, Heidi

Straw bale couch

Vintage Welsh blankets

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I dare you not to Fall in LOVE with AUSTRALIA.

The new ad for Tourism Australia is extraordinarily beautiful and extremely romantic. 
 I promise, once you watch it, you will fall in love.  Enjoy, Heidi

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ferguson & Shamamian Architects

I am over the moon for these designs at the moment.  I love the arches, the black, off white, the vines of course.  The shutters and windows and lanterns.  I love the white gravel in the driveway instead of cement or pavement, it gives a more old world look. This firm has ticked all the boxes for me.  Enjoy, Heidi


Thursday, August 30, 2012

What is Black and White and Chevron all over?

 A little goes long way when it comes to Black and White Chevron.
I am in love with this look at the moment, it's a punch of drama plus it's black and white :)
  Enjoy, Heidi

Friday, August 24, 2012

My First Bees.

Under the small oak tree on the right sits a white bee hive box.
With the big ole Texas sky over head and majestic century old oak all around 
and my friend, Charlene's organic garden to the right.
 I think this would be heaven for my new bees.
Image via me.
Back in March, I attended an all day Bee School and took tons of notes. Since then, I think I've watched every YouTube video on beekeeping ever uploaded.
Image via Michael Kelling
In the garage wall of my Great Aunt's house, is a hive of bees that has lived there for about 15 years.
 With the help of Michael Keeling, the president of the Central Texas Beekeepers Association
I removed this hive on Wednesday.  Michael walked me through each step and took pictures along the way.
This is what we found when we removed the first sheet of Masonite board.
Image via Michael Kelling
This is what we found when we removed the second sheet.  WOW!!!
Luckily it wasn't 100 degrees that day, we were in the shade and on the ground and not a ladder.
Image via Michael Kelling
This is me (I still can't believe I did this) cutting the parts of the hive that had the baby bees in it.
This part is called the brood.  I cut it to fit in the frames and then slid large rubber bands across to keep it from falling out.  I then slid the frames into the white hive box like a file cabinet.
Image via Michael Kelling
All of the honey comb went into a large plastic box, the kind you use for Christmas storage, and all of the old wax comb that the bees didn't use anymore, went into trash bags and is now in my freezer for me to deal with another day.  Most all of the bees and the queen are now in the hive box.  We had to vacuum them up with the shop vac on the left that uses a specialized box that is a bee filter, so no bees go into the vac.
Image via Me.
Here is some of the golden honey I lovingly crushed by hand and strained through my pantyhose,
 new package of course.  I got about 2.5 gallons of raw honey from this hive.  
Raw honey means it has pollen in it, and that is what cures you from seasonal allergies.
11 bee stings total and I survived, I guess I can officially say that I am now a beekeeper.
Enjoy, Heidi

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Seeing this makes me wish I were a tiny garden fairy, living among the crystals, seashells and air plants.
Artemisia is a shop in Portland, Oregon that specializes in terrariums.  The mix of sands, mosses, crystals and shells has me swooning.  Here are a few shots taken by Anja Louise Verdugo of their shop during a party they had to celebrate the launch of their new book, "Terrarium Craft".  Enjoy, Heidi
Artemisia by Anja Louise Verdugo
air plants and crystals
Artemisia by Anja Louise Verdugo
TOUR OF PORTLAND / ARTEMISIA & TERRARIUM CRAFT | clever nettle - vintage & fashion in portland, oregon
Artemisia by Anja Louise Verdugo