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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Story of Stuff, the saga continues.

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A while back I shared with you, The Story of Stuff.
This simply put video opened up my eyes to a reality that was sad, but true.
I was spending my extra time buying stuff and it never seemed to fill my happiness void.
Watch it now if you haven't yet.  It's great and I'm sure it will make you think of things, like where did the stuff come from and where does it go when we throw it away, plus why does our stuff break so fast?

Then I watched the Story of Cosmetics and was blown away at all of the harmful ingredients I use everyday.  It is no wonder so many people get cancer, even the children.  The video helped to educate the public and the Safe Cosmetic Act of 2010 was created, click here to help and to find safe cosmetics.

My eyes were opening to issues that are extremely important.  I felt informed and I felt angry too.  I wanted to do something, so I shared this with you and my friends and chunked out a bunch of stuff that was actually harmful to me, my family and my enviorment.  I loved these videos and I wanted more.  I was feeling empowered  in my own life and wanted to learn more so I watched The Story of Bottled Water.

 I Stopped purchasing bottled water.

We quit buying our kid the latest gaming system and recycled batteries and fixed our computers when they broke instead of buying new ones.  (good thing I married a geek)
Then it was on to The Story of Cap and Trade. 
 I didn't even know what that was, but thought, as a concerned citizen of the USA, I need to get informed on the important issues of our planet, since it is the only one we have.

I just couldn't believe how big corporations do business at the expense of our planet.  You would think that they would realize that they have to live on it too.  I know now, by their actions, that the way big corporations think and the average person are extremely different, it is pretty much incomprehensible.
Which led me to the last video available to watch.  The Story of Citizens United v. FEC.
(just a little note here:Citizens United is an extension of the Koch Brothers a.k.a. BIG OIL)

Well, the Koch Brothers, I mean Citizens United won and now big corporations can donate any amount of money to elections.  We are now calling them Presidential Auctions I hear.
This sounds like all doom and gloom, but there is hope.  There is one more video.  It officially airs on November 8, 2011 and I will post it I promise.  It is The Story of Broke.  Here is the teaser.

For the past 3 years, all I have wanted to do is to move to Australia because I did not trust our government and I felt like a lab rat, with all of the toxic chemicals in our food, our homes and in our products.  I felt like I had no control or say, I felt like I needed to move my family far away to a safer place.  Now I am seeing that this really is not just our country but our whole world and even if I did move, I would face similar if not the same problems I am dealing with now.  The rules have changed.  Before, powers came from countries, now they come from giant corporations.  I believe in the saying that you have to be the change you wish to see in the world.  So.......let's do it.   Here are a couple small videos from Annie herself, sharing more of what we can do to be that change.  Thank you Annie, you are a modern day Super Woman.

I love you guys and thanks for taking the time to read and watch, I promise it is for the good, the light the positive.  Lets let our lights shine bright.  Inform, share, awaken, open your mind and  Love always, Heidi


The House That A-M Built said...

Oh Heidi, Australia is just as bad. Thank you for posting the links to the other 'story ofs'. I will sit down and watch them tonight over a wine! I am so anti stuff I hardly have any possessions left! Feels good. Life is much simpler. A-M xx

Bec said...

Great insight into our consumerism.But having found this on my morning visit to interior designs blogs shows that we are playing right into the hands of the whole game.We are almost lead to believe that if we dont surround ourselves with the latest beautiful stuff that we simply wont be happy. I love beautiful stuff as much as anybody but now I can really see how I'm being conned into it. Thank you for sharing this important information.

Heidi said...

Just for the record, I am not against Capitalism, I am for getting business out of our government. To eliminate the self regulations and stopping the printing of money. I have had the urge to end this blog on numerous occasions since it is just all a big escape from the now and my life. It creates a suffering within to see things I desire and compare these perfect magazine homes to my dirty under construction home. Then I think of my fellow bloggers and the bond I have created with them. I want to continue to connect with them. I want to share with them a quote or a beautiful outdoor room or color combination, maybe even a song I am currently in love with. I get excited when I see Kim's new home or the huge duck floating in front of A-M's home. I love to see Millie's progress on her and MOTH's home. I look for beauty, not name brands. I want to share with my friends, so I won't end it.

Dawn said...

Heidi what do you think about Arbonne products? Would love to hear from you. Following along with you and just watched one of the videos about our toxic products. so sad. Dawn suitcase Vignettes xo