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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Making Love in the Kitchen, I mean Lunch. Part 6

It is time to make lunch and love again in the Kitchen.  Enjoy, Heidi
                                                        Found Here

This is Ikea!  I know, right?              Ikea


                                                    My Home Ideas

                                                Found Here

                                                                 Found Here

                                                              Kirsten Buckingham

                                        My Home Ideas

                                        My Home Ideas

                                                       Susan Gilmore Photography

                                                House Beautiful


          Save the most dramatic for last.
                                     Architectrual Digest Richard Kazarian

If you want more click here to see Parts 2  3  5.

7 comments: said...

LOVE the kitchen inspiration!!!
Capers of the vintage vixens

Leah - The Inside Story said...

These kitchens are gorgeous. I can't believe the ikea kitchen, is that for real, I like that one the best.

La Maison Fou said...

Nice forplay........
the build up was great, then I have to say the last kitchen was the best!

Deb Harvey said...

Great kitchens! Your blog is full of inspiration!

toves sammensurium said...

Honestly...I´d make love in any of these kitchens*lol*
And of course...if we´d ever get hungry I´d consider lunch as well....

Millie said...

I get very, very, very, very excited when I see this post heading reappear @ your place Heides. Keep 'em coming girl - they are the best series in Bloggie World.
Millie ^_^

Tessa said...

love 'em all!!!