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Monday, November 16, 2009

Harry has the best junk.

My good friend Harry has an Estate Sale business and the best Junk Store in the area. I asked him if I could play around with some of his stuff and set up a table scape along with a fab flower centerpiece, shoot it and share it on my blog. He loved the idea. I got this far and couldn't resist. The flowers don't come until tomorrow, I'll just have to take more pics with the flowers later. Everything on the table is for sale except the mirrors, they are mine(I have an addiction).
Email me if you would like more info on an item or even to purchase.
Email address: Enjoy, Heidi

Image via Me, Heidi Jaster.

Image via Me, Heidi Jaster
Image via Me, Heidi Jaster.


Rachael said...

Harry certainly does have the best junk, but I must say you use of the junk is pretty impressive - gorgeous pictures!

bikim said...

WOW! Wish i could visit and get something for me! Love the things you show!
Take care,

One Cheap B*tch said...

I wish I knew Harry! =)