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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Burning Desire.

Top 3 favorite songs imagined being played in the setting below:
Click to have a listen.
Here's to my Summer friends and Winter friends, have a great weekend!
Love, Heidi
Image via Kaa Design Group.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Weakness.

If you browse through my blog you will come across many images of high ceilings with exposed beams. This is my architectural weakness. Here I share 3 more I have found. Enjoy, Heidi

Image via Trevor Richards Photography.
Image via Ashley Morrison.
Image via Ashley Morrison.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cozy by a fire inside or out.

For my Friends in Summer, enjoy the night outside, since it's too hot durning the day..
For my Friends in the Winter, enjoy the fire and stay cozy. Have a great weekend.
Enjoy, Heidi

Image via Jay Griffith.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

If you give me a label, I'm not going to wear it.

In the last post I touched on the fact that I admire some unusual things. This image is a perfect combination of such things. Black, botany, nautical, natural, vintage, antiques, Bohemian, even some Gothic. Maybe I am a New Age Hippie? I really don't care for labels anyway, they are too restricting. Enjoy, Heidi

Image via Domino, God rest it's soul. Sorry I don't have the origin of this image.

Image via Garden and Gun.
Image via Aimee Herring.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Small Stump Studio

This site is so ME. I had to share it, I know that I should be promoting my own business, but it is so much more fun finding others like me and seeing what they do. This post is all about Small Stump Studio in California. They are getting ready for their Renegade Fair, I am so in love with these ribbons, their arrangements, domes and bugs. I am aware that my interests are a little strange, I have always walked to the beat of a different drum. Enjoy, Heidi

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I have no clue to where these pics originated from, but I love them and had to share. If anyone knows the source please inform me. Enjoy, Heidi

Monday, July 13, 2009

You are gonna hate me and love for this one.

Sweet Home Style is a site that is highly addictive and my cause you to have cramps in your finger from scrolling and clicking. Your butt will lose feeling and your legs will fall asleep, but it is all worth it in the name of domestics. Enjoy, Heidi

Image via Flickr Linda Yvonne. Originaly found on Sweet Home Style.
Image found on Sweet Home Style.

Image found on Sweet Home Style.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Phase 2 of Dream Beach House.

Now that I showed you my plans on phase 1 where I will build a garage with a dreamy beach bungalow for 2 above it. Now it is time for the actual "Beach House".
Image via Point Click Home.

This is what it will look like, only longer and with a completely closed in with french doors and windows back porch.

Image via Traditional Home.
The main part of the house would be the kitchen with some dining on one side and 2 bedrooms on the other side.Image via Coastal Living. Bedroom 1.

Image via Coastal Living. Bedroom 2 would have 2 sets of these bunks for all the little crabs.
Remember there is a romantic beach hideaway for 2 above the garage outside.

I think this image is from Cottage Living, I know that Heather Chadduck designed it. This is the bathroom that will be between bedrooms 1 and 2. Heated towel rack will be available for drying wet bathing suits, since clothes don't dry in Texas, they sour.
Image via Coastal Living.
The Closed in back porch will consist of the living room and the dining room. I would decorate a little differently but I felt these images told my story the best with all the windows.
Sorry I don't have a source for this image.
Image via Country Living.
It will absolutely have an outdoor fireplace.

Image via Better Homes and Gardens.

The upstairs loft would have a place for me to blog of course.

Sorry I don't have the source for this image.

A romantic bath with a claw foot tub for me (always).

Image via Helen Norman.

And our Bedroom of course, with a kitty.
So if I do the math right, this beach house can sleep 8 adults if I get a sleeper sofa and 4 kids. Now I can sleep since I dreamed it up and figured it all out.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Where do I begin?

This image has me speechless. It is the pool house version of my love for high ceilings and exposed beams. It has huge windows all around and a fabulous fireplace and did I mention a pool. Oh yeah, I did. My fair skin wouldn't get sun burnt ever ever ever. I guess I wasn't speechless. Enjoy, Heidi

I am so sorry I do not have the origins of this image.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Don't throw stones at Glass Houses.

Image via Helen Norman.
This is the kind of glass house I have forever been in love with, but then I ran across this little number the other day and I died. Then I came back to life and could only imagine, what if this were my bedroom?
I am not a modern kind of girl but I am very into nature and it's beauty. Then yesterday while I was real estate stalking the shores of South Australia and found this gem.

Last three images via Domain.
WOW!!!!!! Put that bedroom on this property. I would just die again only to realize that I was in Heaven. Please talk me out of this amazing dream. Tell me that I would get sun burnt in my house and that the windows would forever be covered in sea gull poop. Tell me horrible things to convince me that this is a very bad idea. Tell me that people would throw stones at my glass house and I couldn't afford the insurance for stone coverage. I need to add another descriptive word to my profile "ESCAPIST". Enjoy, Heidi

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Closet Case.

Image via Flickr.

This I found on Ikea Hacker and it is brilliant. I am not a clothesaholic or a shoeaholic but I am a mirror and clockaholic, more so mirrors. Anyway if you have a prob. with the whole closet situation may I suggest this fabulous solution. Enjoy, Heidi

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I love it when a plan comes together.

Image via Coastal Living. Float in Cottage.
As you can tell I cannot seem to shake this beach house bug, so I am going full force, full blown dream it up until every detail is ironed out. I figure that if we start with building the garage and add a second story to it, only 367 square ft. is all it would need to be. The following is my inspiration for what the garage apartment would look like. This is the Cabot Cove in Kennebunkport, Maine. It consists of 16 Beach cottages that were built in the 50's and renovated in a designer's challenge. 16 designers each had a cottage and a modest budget to work their magic and that they did.

Image via Coastal Living.

Image via Coastal Living. This one is named Float in Cottage.

Image via Coastal Living. This one is named Harbor Cottage.

If 367ft. is not enough for a garage we can add a screened in porch. The washer and dryer and can also be hidden in the garage along with all the fishing and beach stuff that seems to come with a beach house. Hope you enjoyed my brain storm for the first part of my Dream Beach House Plan. Heidi