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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Making love in the kitchen, I mean lunch.

Image courtesy of Metropolitan Home.

Sorry I do not have the origin of this image.
Image courtesy of Miles Redd.

Image courtesy of Remodeling Center.

Image courtesy of Traditional Home.

Image courtesy of Windsor Smith.


The House That A-M Built said...

You know Heidi, I was just trawling through my kitchen inspiration folder last night thinking I am really in a kitchen mood at the moment.... and you post these beautiful images! 2 sinks and benches in the first image.... must be a professional! A-M xx

Emma said...

I love your edgy title today! And while always a fan of a scerene white kitchen, that black and shiny one is just so sexy - it's like a night time only kitchen - fabulous find!

Heidi said...

A-M, I realized that I had quite a few great kitchen pics and Millie over at the hedge had a great post on her inspiration kitchen so yeah, I am in the kitchen mood.

Emma, I am having a hard time lately finding titles for my post so I decided to just write the first thing that comes to mind when I see the pics. I could do the deed in most all of these kitchens especially the black one. Thanks girls for always commenting on my post. Heidi

Viera said...

Heidi, these kitchen looks devine.I think 1th one is my winner. Have a wonderful weekend!

Millie said...

Ah dear Heidi - good Millie says go for the White, but bad Millie says Black rules!

Love your title too - MOTH & I have had some very romantic moments in the kitchen (not in our present Third World one I hasten to add!) As he's always hungry, he reckons he loves to see a woman in an apron & then he ducks for cover from the saucepan that comes flying through the air at him!
Millie ^_^

Ness Lockyer said...

Love your heading!! :) I am torn between my love of white over that stunning black job! that is an adults only room for sure.
Have a great weekend Heidi,
Ness xx

Unknown said...

Sensational photos. Love the industrial style light fittings in the last photo, but my favourite kitchen is the first - isn't that ceiling sensational? The room doesn't even look like a kitchen, its so pretty.
I've got a couple of pics of black kitchens that I'm saving to put up as a post another day - stay tuned.

Brown Button Trading said...

second one is my fav!! xx

Unknown said...

Lovely kitchens! I'll take anyone of them -please! Daisy~

Sabina said...

Wow, I am blown away!! What a wonderful array of photos!!

Happy Friday!!

Oliveaux said...

Yes, nothing better than a good kitchen post. Love them! Amanda x

Porchlight Interiors said...

A stunning collection of kitchens here Heidi! I love the black one and wonder if I will have the courage to do that when I do my kitchen - white seems so much safer. Tracey x

Anonymous said...

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