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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Laugh til you Cry Tuesday.

One of my all time favorite emotions is Laughing through Tears.
So, I just couldn't keep it to myself and had to share this with all you wonderful people.
But, I must warn all the guys out there that are reading/watching this post, you might not want too.
It's about a real life business called Hello Flo,
 that sends out feminine products and candy to girls when
 Mother Nature gives her her monthly gift.
This video is called "First Moon Party".  Make sure you pee before you watch it.
 Their commercials are so hilarious, I promise your face will hurt from laughing so hard.
Enjoy, Heidi

Video via Hello Flo


Kristyn said...

Seriously cute!

You know, joking aside, we really should quietly celebrate this milestone with girls. Why does the whole thing usually feel so embarrassing? As annoying as it is, it is a necessary event on the journey to adulthood.

Heidi said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Kristyn. I was angry and embarrassed when I found out and had my first time. The awkwardness was almost unbearable. It's time for it to change. Way to go Hello Flo :)