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Friday, December 13, 2013

The Holiday Marathon is a race I'm never prepared for.

It's all a Christmas blur right now, throw a few birthdays and a High School State Championship Football game in the mix and it becomes a celebrating marathon.  Start buying gifts in July, pull out decorations in November, from Dec. 1 - 19th decorate the inside and outside of the house.  Finish buying gifts, wrap them all, hot glue 15 gingerbread houses together out of gram crackers.  Get work done, sick kid with flu, weather fluctuating from 80 to 30 degrees with rain and wind and cedar pollen.  What the heck am I going to wear?  Why didn't I get my hair colored last month? 
 Is that a dead mouse I smell?  Did my cat just eat a poinsettia? 
What a crazy, stressful & wonderful time of the year.
Maybe I can get one more post in before Christmas.  If not, Happy Holidays!  Love, Heidi
Image via Pudge The Cat.

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