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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ivy Love.

Ivy has a magic about it that can make something hard look soft and wild, but inviting all at the same time.  Ivy can stay green all year and
to see something look full of life in the freezing cold winter makes me happy. 
How does the ivy not freeze?
I asked this question once to a horticulturalist and he could not give me an answer.
Ivy is like a patina, only time can make it grow onto something, giving it a beauty with age.
Enjoy, Heidi
Found Here
dining al fresco...
Image via El Mueble
Image found here
my favorite outdoor images
This is not English Ivy, but it is one of my most favorite images.
Image via Country Living magazine
This is fig ivy, if I'm not mistaken, it does ok in freezing winters, at least Texas winters.
Image via Sandy Kopeke and Country Living magazine

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