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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My San Antonio Excursion.

The day after my son's last day of school, my little family hit the road.
Our first stop was at our all time favorite Mexican restaurant; Chuy's in Austin.
It is fun and  retro quirky, consistent and has some of the best Mexican food we have ever eaten. 
Our next stop was San Antonio.
We went on vacation there last year, but didn't get to visit all of the attractions on my list.
So I decided we would finish the list.
I wanted to go treasure hunting at the San Antonio Market Square.
This square consists of several buildings that house restaurants and shops that specialize in Mexican handmade crafts, pottery, jewelry and clothing.  
I've always wanted a Mexican Blouse, it was love at first sight when I found this navy blue blouse.

The shop owner told me that it was made in Guatemala by men.  The little dolls that are embroidered under the flowers on the front represent each person that worked on the garment.  My blouse had 13 dolls on it, so 13 people worked on my blouse.  Such detail and beauty, I felt like a little girl playing dress up in a princess gown when I tried it on and it fit.  This one was $69.99, but I guess since it was at the end of the day and perhaps it was a slow day because she let me have it for $60.00.  The work it takes to make these pieces is tedious so I don't feel right negotiating the prices, but that didn't stop me from turning down a better price.
My next find took some restraint, because I wanted them all.
Small hand beaded coin purses also from Guatemala for $6 each.
I picked out the top 3 favs, paid and walked away. 
 Luckily for my husband and son, all of the shops were shutting down. 
For more info on the Market, read HERE.
After shopping we headed over to the Japanese Tea Gardens.
A beautiful waterfall, lush flowers and plants, sandstone structures and koi ponds surround you in this magical place that is FREE to the public. (My husband kept repeating that he couldn't believe it place was free to get in)  In 1899 George W. Brackenridge donated 199 acres of land to the city of San Antonio for a public park.  Part of this land consisted of a rock quarry that would later be turned into the Japanese Tea Gardens by the Jingu family.  To learn more, read HERE.

  The koi fish were so big and there was paths to explore up and down the entire grounds. It is even handicap accessible. 
 I give it a 5 star rating.  Enjoy, Heidi 


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