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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ojai House Love

OK, I am so in love with this house that Reese Witherspoon bought and thrilled to death that Elle Decor covered it in their magazine.  My goal one day is to re-create it, but a bit smaller as my dream house.  Every little detail I study and pour over.  I bet in this shot they had big lights outside the windows to get loads of light in.  That is magazine magic.  I do have to confess, I like the way Kathy Ireland had it decorated when she owned it, but different strokes for different folks.  Enjoy, Heidi

Elle Decor
I could so put my computer her and gaze out of this window at my future back yard with pool and kitchen garden.

Here, I would have a long dining room table and at the far right, would be the kitchen.
Upstairs would be the master bedroom and bath.

Elle Decor
This is not in that great room, but somewhere else on the grounds, the floors and ceiling is different.
I still love it.  I love the curtains and French doors, the floors and the exposed beams.  I'm sure that painting them white has added more light to the space and seems less gloomy.  I bet there is a big set set of lights on the other side of that door too.  One more key to making a space feel good to look at is a big fiddle leaf fig tree in the corner.   It adds a lush greenness that  gives the room a big dose of LIFE.

I love the window seat and the rounded out detail in the walls.  This is a great way to add a closet next to it, since there is depth and there could be drawers under the window seat as well for much needed storage in kids rooms.

I bet that behind the little double doors is the closet.  How cute!!!

The outside is just as enchanting as the inside.  I love the rose bushes and the climbing vines against the white  walls.  Another thing that has me thinking is the gravel on the grounds.  Since this house is going to be built in Australia, I am gearing myself up to the fact that grass may be scarce, so gravel is a beautiful alternative.  It seems to have a Tuscan feel about it.
Notice the plants around her?  Lavender, that is the other part of my dreams and schemes.
It looks so good with the contrast of the gravel.  The little girls are her nieces.

You know how I feel about dining alfresco.  I don't do it in real life that much (mostly because it's so blazing hot in Texas) but I do love being outside surrounded by all of nature's beauty.  This looks like a wisteria vine overhead, not 100% sure. There are so many awesome things that grow in California that don't in Texas.


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whiterose42 said...

Love this post! great images, the rose covered door and beautiful wrought iron stair rails and fantastic beamed ceilings....a dream home:-)
Thanks for sharing, have a lovely day!