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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tante Heidi Claire

I just found out this week that I'm going to be a Tante again.  For those of you who don't speak German, "Tante"  means Aunt or Auntie if you live in the South.  We call all of out great aunts, Tante on my father's side of the family, but then with the next generation, we just said, aunt.  So I'm very happy and honored to continue the tradition.
My brother had a baby 2 years ago and now that he is talking he calls me Tante Heidi, this is so gosh darn cute, especially coming out of his cherub like mouth with his sparkling blue eyes shining up at me.
Here are a few nurseries that have caught my eye.  Enjoy, Heidi
Luxury Baby Girl Nursery Bedding:Baby Bedroom
Found Here

nursery detail
Found Here

 Look at that little sweater hung up in the frame- so cute
Farm Girl Photography

Baby animal portraits!
Found Here
I love these baby animals, I think the Campbell Baby will need a baby Bobcat for its room.

Me Oh My! photography by Ashlee Raubach

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Lynne said...

Happy Congratulations . . . Tante to be twice, in

Love each/all of the nurseries.