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Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Golden Night to Remember

Wow, what a night!  I don't think there was a single person that didn't have a good time.
My Great Aunt and Uncle had the time of their lives and so many people came that they haven't seen in years, the food was excellent, the band was perfect and the flowers and decorations really transformed the worlds ugliest hall into a sparkling night to remember.   
Here are a few pictures of the magically night. Enjoy, Heidi
 The most bang for you buck on this table was the table runner I made from long sheets of paper, I painted with Elmer's glue and then coated with gold glitter.  I dove tailed the ends to finish it off.  Wow!  What and impact it made and it was almost FREE.  I also put gold glitter in the water of the vases and I used mirrors that were on the wall for the table tops instead, to give a more 3 dimensional look.
 Here is another shot from the other direction.  In the background is the guest sign in table.  I had my half monkey brother climb up to the ceiling to hang one of my favorite chandeliers  over the one big awesome arrangement, my Aunt requested.  It really was prettier in person, these pictures don't do it justice. 
It would help if I knew how to get my camera out of close up mode.
 I decorated the Guest sign-in table with interesting things and golden framed pictures of the couple.  There is a collection of hour glasses on mirrors, candles in gold decorated glasses, flowers in small vase filled with glitter and even a pedestal apothecary jar filled with gold glitter(behind the big arrangement) I grabbed a few hand fulls and sprinkled them all over the floor when no one was looking.  We had to detract from the ugly ceiling that looked like antique teddy bear fur blown on the metal with an added layer of 40 years worth of smoke and dust.  Gross, I know.
 Here are my Aunt and Uncle enjoying their meal with their children and grandchildren.
The frames on the backs of the chairs stole the show.  One reads, "Mr. Right".
And the other, "Mrs. Always Right". 


Lynne said...

Stunning arrangement . . . such an artist you are! Congratulations to "Mr Right and Mrs Always Right!"

La Petite Gallery said...

You have got talent, gosh that big arrangement is awesome. Love the mirrors too. That was some great night to remember.