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Friday, March 23, 2012

It's the Bee's Knees.

Grow or Die.
That is one of my new life goals.  Tomorrow, I will be spending the whole day at Bee Keepers School.
This is something I have been wanting to learn since a colony of bees made their home in my Great Aunt's garage.  Last week, when I went to visit her, she told me that the bees left.  Well, there you go.
I am learning bee keeping anyway, even if I do not have a hive.
Keep learning, always learning.  This is what I am preaching to my son and you know what they say,"the teacher is the student".  So Bees and organic gardening as well as guitar are the things I want to lean this year.  I will keep you posted.  Have a great weekend.  Love, Heidi
                                                                 Garden Photos


cinnamon hill said...

ther'es something very satisfying re the thought of being able to host and then collect your own honey ! ... I've always wanted to do this also ... fasinated to hear how it goes... keep us posted Heidi ! Steph x

Splenderosa said...

Oh, Heidi, I admire you so much for taking on all these new things. Keep on ! I've found the more I know the happier I am. And, I don't know much!

Unknown said...

What a really lovely thing to do, I'd love to keep bees too.

And yes, always keep learning, I so agree.

Lovely post Heidi XX

Paula said...

What a brilliant thing to learn how to do. I admire your courage and determination, and look forward to seeing how it goes - good luck. (lovely images too)

Shauna said...

That is really cool that you are learning bee keepning!! I'm interested to hear how it goes! This year I'm learning Spanish :)

Millie said...

OMG the Universe is speaking mate! Our local honey Company is up for sale. It has the cute name of BUZZ Honey.
Here's the link for you to have a squizz.
It's in Kanmantoo, a little town close to us, woo hoo!
Millie xx