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Sunday, January 1, 2012

"I Am"

Starting off the New Year with a New outlook on Life and our World.
"I Am" is a documentary by director Tom Shadyac, who directed movies like:
Ace Ventura, Patch Adams, The Nutty Professor, Burce Almighty and Evan Almighty.
He was living the high life with multiple mansions and private jets until
he had a bike accident that almost took his life.  He decides to share what he discovers on his journey on what is wrong with the world and finds out what is right with it.
I watched this movie, this morning on Oprah's new network, OWN.
On Sunday mornings she presents Super Soul Sunday where she shares inspirational movies and shows.
This movie was so moving and inspirational that I highly recommend it to the entire world.
It combines history, science and cultural tradition to uncover the fact that we are all connected on a deeper level that we as hunmans cannot understand.  And how we have been conditioned from very early on what success is and to compete in life for this success.  Now science has discovered that we are not hard wired for competition but for  democracy and cooperation and that all of nature is too.  I took 2 pages of notes while watching, it was a great eye opener.  My favorite part is the Law of Nature where nothing in nature takes more than it needs and when it does, it becomes subject to this law and dies off.  For example; a red wood does not take all of the nutrients from the soil and a lion does not kill every gazelle, only what it needs. 
We have a tern something in the body when it takes more than its share, we call it CANCER.
Enjoy the Movie "I Am".

If you have seen this movie, I would love to hear your thoughts.  I feel like the whole worlds is catching on to this like a wild fire and it is truly exciting to see it in my life time.  Heidi

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Lumen Drops said...

I watched this documentary on New Year's Day - very inspiring. Glad to see it being blogged!