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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me.

It's my B-Day and after I work my butt off (making and delivering Christmas Arrangements), I'm gonna hit the town with my 2 favorite guys and celebrate.  Enjoy, Heidi

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Julie Harward said...

Happy Birthday! Wow, almost a Christmas baby..have a wonderful time and a very Merry Christmas too! ;D

Millie said...

It's your birthday Heides - yay!!! Party hard girl with your favourite boys, & if you have to be carted home in a wheelbarrow, so what. Hope this Christmas has been good for your gorgeous business, & that come Sunday, someone else will do your table centrepiece. Get the J-boy straight onto it. Happy birthday Mate!
Love from Millie & MOTH xx

Жанна Зимокосова said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Paraphernalia said...

Happy Birthday, Heidi. have a fantastic ( superbly creative) year.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Heidi! Hope you enjoy yourself!

Shauna said...

Happy Birthday! Cheers to a great day! :)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Heidi, enjoy your day.

Merry Christmas to you too :) Xx

Unknown said...

love the quotes, inspiring for sure. Happy belated birthday as well.

Janelle McCulloch said...

Hi Heide, I hope you had a lovely birthday, and a wonderful Christmas. I'm enjoying reading through all your posts - and I adore the black and white doors of your beautiful store! Janelle McCulloch