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Friday, October 14, 2011


It's funny, my Dad used to answer the phone by saying "Yellow".
I don't know if it was a Southern/Texas/German accent or if he was being funny.
Enjoy your weekend everyone.  Love, Heidi

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Suzanne, fabulous job on your chair.  Rrom Back on Festive Road.
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One of the New Calandars in my store.
$21.95 plus shipping, click here to get one.
Great for Christmas Presents, added bonus is that you can frame each one later to decorate your casa.


Unknown said...

My brother says "yellow" to me sometimes on the phone & it always make me laugh!

Happy weekend :)

Donna Benedetto said...

I laughted so hard when I read this post because my Dad says Yellow also when answering the phone as well. Not sure if it is southern as I am from CT...may just a man thing...or a generational thing...ha ha

Anonymous said...

cute, bright, and happy. fun post. thanks for the smile.

Suzanne {backonfestiveroad} said...

Wow, that's my chair. So funny to be browsing and to see it. Here's the link

Glad you like it,

Velvet Moon said...

I adore your interior design photos.

Gina Marie Vintage

Cashon&Co said...

My friends grandmother answered the phone the same way. She's from south Texas. Maybe it's a Texas thang?
love the images too. Off to go check out your store!

Bespoke Letterpress Boutique said...

my dad says yellow too! although of course it is his Australian version so it is "yeeeeeellllow". love it.