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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Texas Ranger Day and a Big Star Texas Night

Just in case you did not know, I live in the small country town of Burton, Texas.  It has a population of about 269 people and I am the florist.  About 3 months ago myself and a few other business owners re-formed the Burton Chamber of Commerce.  The town had one in the past, but it fizzled out in the 70's. 
 (little history here: Burton was bi-passed in the 
50's or 60's just like Radiator Springs in the Cars Movie, pretty much drying up the town)
The first thing the newly formed Chamber of Commerce needed to do was sign up members and raise some funds.  So we decided to have an old fashioned street dance with Gary P. Nunn.  Burton is also home to the late legendary Texas Ranger Captain McNelly.  So we joined forces with the Burton Heritage Society and together we created the first annual " Texas Ranger Day and a Big Star Texas Night". 
I helped to create a Logo for the town, which was then put on shirts and this big sign, 
thanks to my Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Gail.

We made a Lil Ranger Town out of boxes and wild mustang saw horses to rope with hula hoop lassos,
 thanks to Susan and Kim and George.
We strung lights and bunting made from bandannas across the street to hang over the crowd as they danced under the Big Star Texas Night,  thanks to my brother Wyatt.  
There was a fajita and bean cook-off and Texas Ranger reenactments at the old Train Depot.

Here is one of our local Artisans, Blacksmith Ricky Wegner.
He's my third cousin and makes the most amazing utensils out of metal objects such as
 wrenches and railroad spikes.
I know they look like torture devices, but when you are barbecuing, 
 a man might need one of these utensils.

Here is one of the history markers in our town, I have my florist and home in the drugstore building.  
We would love  for you to drop in for a visit, there is plenty to do in see in and around the Burton area.  
To find out more information, check out the Burton Chamber of Commerce website at:
and the Burton Heritage Society's website at:

All images on this post are via, me.


Shauna said...

I love the logo you made for the town! Very cool.

And I'm pretty sure my husband NEEDS a wrench fork for bbqing!

Looks like a good event for your town, thanks for sharing!

Julie Harward said...

Cool celebration it! I grew up in towns and still live in one just like this. :D

Heidi said...

Hey Shauna, Ricky says that the wrench fork is the perfect gift for a man, because he can turn his meat and tighten his nuts. Christmas is just 3 months away.

Dominique said...

I would love visit Texas but truly the stories of racism really terrify me its why I will probably never go to the U.S. But in my heart I would really still love to visit and tour every state, especially Georgia.

Unknown said...

How fantastic that you did this. You made me smile when you mentioned Radiator Springs :) Did you grow up here? X

Heidi said...

I sure did. My family came to Texas from Germany in the late 1800's and Burton is where they settled. What's funny now is that I am one of the last locals to own a business in Burton. One neighbor is from France, one from Germany and one from Bulgaria. This makes our little town quite unique.