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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Please excuse the mess, my kids are making memories.

One month to go before the little munchkins go back to school and they are bored out of their minds.
Here are some cool arts I found just for you.  Enjoy, Heidi

Found on Pintrest
This one looks a bit dangerous, it is really for Mom.  Replace your glue sticks with crayons and shoot.
I love this!  I haven't tried it yet, I bet you have to use the super hot, melt your flesh off kind of glue gun.
I think I would wear leather gloves.

Found Here
This looks fun too.  I bet the crayons are glued by their paper onto the canvas.  
If you live in Texas, just set this in the shade, it will melt in under an hour, but if you only have 
5 minutes to do this craft, put it in the full sun. White does not melt so good (reflects heat).
The only thing I don't like about the crayon art is that it smell like butt.

Found Here
Bubble Wrap painting.

Spaghetti Art   Found Here

Your child's original art with your words.  Found Here  I really love this one.

Ice Cube Painting  Found found on Pintrest.
Frozen water colors into ice cubes.  Fun. This can be done with bubbles as well.

Liquid Sidewalk Paint  found Here

Celery flower found Here

Lettuce flower found Here

Apple and potato stamping found Here

Okra stamping  found Here


24 Corners said...

Heidi...these are fantastic! I'm right in the middle of doing four summer art camps and am always on the lookout for inspiration...this is so perfect, have to think now!
xo J~

The House That A-M Built said...

Wow, some great ideas here! That spaghetti one looks positively lethal! A-M xx

Splenderosa said...

These are simply amazing! I would do them myself, Heidi. Really. You have made me smile bigtime over the creativeness of this little post. I love it!!

Dominique said...

IDEAS, IDEAS, IDEAS, love this post also.