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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Heat Wave relief.

16 days in a row of over 100 degrees F heat (38 degrees C) here in hell, I mean Texas. 
 I  would enjoy one of these at night of course so I don't get boiled alive like a lobster....
rock wall grande

Found on Studio G

Found on Houzz


Dominique said...

Everyday is like a summer day here in Trinidad. I wish I had a pool. Love this post.

Shauna said...

I just needed to say thank you for posting the celcius equivalant so Ii didn't have to either google it or wonder if that's really hot!

Millie said...

Crikey mate this is like an Aussie Summer!
Millie xx

Splenderosa said...

Yes, HELL is in Texas right now! I'm praying for rain for our livestock & wildlife, the rest of us may survive but they are in severe peril. Imagine Houston? You cannot leave the house to go shop, it's too hot to walk while pushing a grocery cart with $200 worth of groceries, so I get what I need for the day only. Rain dance, anyone?