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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Garden Party Bliss.

So many great Garden Party Ideas, so beautiful, so blissful.  Enjoy, Heidi
Sorry no source, found on a dang Tumblr.

Found on Pintrest  (look at the rain drops, this must be a shower)

Found on Pintrest, sorry no source.

Found on Pintrest with no source, sorry.

Found on Pintrest, sorry no source, that dang Pintrest. (want one)

Found Here (Love this)

Country Living  (this is a classic)


Anonymous said...

Lovely. Now I am super thirsty and want fruited lemonade and stuff. Delightful images. Ah summer.

Splenderosa said...

Ahhhh Heidi...this is what anyone would want this weekend to look like, I think. Love those little veggie baskets. xx's

Claudia Fabiana said...

I declare, Heidi Claire, that your off to a great start for the weekend! Great. inspiring photographs!

ciao from Newport Beach

24 Corners said...

If only our sun would stick around for a while...these images have me dreaming of warmth and alfresco dining!
xo J~

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Just found your blog! Love the photos and the beauty that each one exudes
Look forward to more posts
Happy fourth!
Jamie Herzlinget

Millie said...

In the depth of a freezing cold wet Winter, I sooooo need a party outside in the Garden! Love these pics dear Heides, they have given me hope that Summer will eventually arrive here.
Millie xx