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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Polished Small Home.

Hard to believe this home is 640 square feet.  With carefully selected window treatment, moldings and ceiling color choices, Designer Barbara Pervier has mastered the art of  drawing the eye up to give a room a much grander feel.  I love the clean, polished, calm look she has created in her home.  Traditional with pretty collections and elegant antiques.  Did I mention that is feels so polished?  Enjoy, Heidi

                                                        All Images Via New England Home


Unknown said...

So pretty and elegant!
Beautiful images. I love small spaces like this. I'd take a cottage over a mansion any day =)

24 Corners said...

Really lovely, she did a beautiful doesn't look like such a tiny space at all...and yes, it's very polished!
xo J~

April said...

This is a little jewel and a perfect example of creating cohesion in a home. When your space is tight, it forces you to be selective. The designer did a splendid job of it!

April (Just Verte)

G said...

Had to do a quick conversion from square feet to square metres... I'm impressed... a lovely way to decorate a small space... Georgie x

Karen said...

Wow! What a great example of less is more. This home is lovely and looks so much larger than 640sf.
Karen at Garden, Home and Party

Nancy Elizabeth Carey said...

Hi! just found your blog and you live in my favorite little town in Texas! Burton! I have always admired the white house on the corner w/ the wrap around porch...when I use to drive thru there to goto Dimebox as a youngster.. I always said, one day maybe i'll live there...well, i'm still in houston..glad to meet someone from Burton! xoxo's nancy

Kathy said...

Hard to believe....a lovely petite palace...k