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Friday, March 4, 2011

Mirror Mirror, on the wall, who is the Fairest of them all?

Holy Mother, I don't have any other words.

                                                        This is so Castle Decortating at it's best.

I am ready to buy a box of square mirrors at the the craft store and liquid nail them to my walls.

Wishing you all a fantastic WEEKEND!!!!!!  Heidi 


Dominique said...

That is what I want my dream kitchen to look like.

Anonymous said...

So gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I wouldn't have thought to put a mirror in the kitchen - always liked it in Dining Rooms but hadn't thought of that! I love the island wood too...just gorgeous!

Karena said...

Heidi I love mirrored walls!! So wonderfully lightening and reflective of a beautiful room.

Do come and enter my Artful Offering!

Art by Karena

Splenderosa said...

OMG, those square mirrors are HOT! I have a tiny windowess powder room which is calling for this treatment...& I think I could do it myself (except for cutting the mirrors down if necessary), & I just might get out the sliderule & figure this out. Awesome, H.