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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Making Love in the Kitchen, I mean Lunch. Part 7

7 is one of my lucky numbers, I don't know why I say that because I never win anything.  I just like 7, so that means this post will have the most amazing kitchens ever.
  Click here to see #6, it also contains the links to 1 thru 5.  Enjoy, Heidi

                                 Found Here

                 Traditional Home               (like this one a lot)

                                My Home Ideas

                         Found here         (this just makes me happy)

                      House Beautiful

      Found Here on Flickr  (I have this dream of standing at the sink and watching my son play outside)

                                                 Arden Stephenson

                                  Decor Pad

                                       Martha Stewart

                              Found Here

                     House Beautiful

                                 High Gloss Magazine

                 Bates Corkern

                Smallbone Cabinetry                 found here                         (in love with the floor)

                                          Found Here

                                                                Style At Home

                                                   Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles

                                     Elle Decor

          House Beautiful          (oldie but goodie)

                              Decor Pad

                                           Found Here

                                   Traditional Home

                  Sorry, no origin.

    Sorry, unknown origin

No origin,  I have had this image now for years in my kitchen file.  It is a classic.

found here

                   Found Here

                  Found Here

                           Found Here

                         Lonny Magazine

sorry, no origin

(perfect for a little beach house)  House Beautiful

                     Found Here

Sorry, no origin

                                                The Selby
(there is a dog on the counter)      

                                    Southern Accents

sorry, no origin

Again, sorry I   do not have the origin, but if you do know, please tell me.  Thanks, Heidi


Julie Harward said...

Wow..thats a lot of kitchens! I loved all of them and some things more than others. I love my kitchen too, it has dark hickory and around the stove it's red stained..with a big island that looks directly out at red rock mountains. Thanks for sharing :D

Gracefully Vintage said...

Happy New Follower, Thanks for sharing such beautiful images-im re-decorating our home, and im loving all the ideas...
Great Blog

Unknown said...

So many kitchens to admire. I was really impressed with that dark grey kitchen in the second picture. I am also looking for lighting fixture to hang over my center island. I saw one of your kitchens that had an idea. Thanks!

G said...

Oh Heidi, kitchen goodness overload! Such great pictures. I love a kitchen that is a room in itself with lots of detailed cabinetry, a big oven (or two), a few gorgeous pendants and some bold colours. You found all that and plenty more! gxo

Kathy said...

The Atlanta Homes and Gardens, and unknown origin kitchen with the checkerboard painted floor, are my two favorites...of course, I'd take any of them! k

Splenderosa said...

OMG, you have totally topped yourself, Heidi. This post is wonderful. I'm dying over the kitchen from Decor Pad, it's truly ME! Thanks for putting so much love into your posts, it definitely shows. xx's

Shauna said...

I can't believe how many of those photos I just saved to my inspiration folder for our current kitchen reno! Thank you so much for posting them!!

Barbara@HausDesign said...

I love these kitchens! The backsplash in the second one is great, and the spices shelf is very cool! I would also love to have an eat in kitchen like several of these some day. Beautiful.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

This is the most comprehensive, fabulous kitchen post I have ever seen. NO JOKE. Bravo.
Mary Ann

diana shae decor said...

Love this post - you always have such amazing pictures. I love your style! Thank you for your amazing blog! It's fun to meet another Texas design blogger(I'm just starting!).

diana shae

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

So many amazing kitchens here!

Thanks for the link-love Heidi!
We obviously like a lot of the same style :)


designchic said...

So many fabulous kitchens, but I'm obsessed with the second one - the lanterns...beyond fabulous!!

Millie said...

Geez you're killing me here Heides- how am I ever going to go back into my rathole of a kitchen now!! Love, love, love the first image, for all of it's lofty drama!
Millie x