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Friday, February 4, 2011

Cyber-Renovation #1

Karen over at Karenzae Studios posted this little beauty in the Adelaide area and asked, how would you decorate this space?  I let her know I that I would accept the challenge.  Let the Cyber-Renovation begin.   Enjoy, Heidi

                         First off, I would paint the exterior brick of the house in a creamy linen color
Image Found On Somerset
And convert this area into a sun room like this.

Country Living
Or just add a little architectural interest to the ceiling and porch posts
 and some interesting furniture.

This is half of the kitchen which is just off of the great room. Here is how I would decorate it.

De Poitiers
Only I would add a matching black framed mirror on the right instead of the door.

The great room consists of the living and dining.
All I see are the exposed beams, one of my favorite traits of a house,
only these are not doing it for me.

 John Stefanidis
Painting the beams and the trim the same will help,
since the architectural interests are good, but not great enough to stand out in this case. 
Huka Lodge
This is one of my all time favorite great rooms and as you can see, everything is the same color
 and it is awesome!  I also love the chandeliers here, just the right size,
 timeless and a great balance of feminine and masculine. So the lights are a must, 2 please. 

    Restoration Hardware
I Love how crisp and happy this room looks so this is my pick for furniture in this space.
  Perhaps I would do 2 sofas facing each other
and 2 chairs side by side, since the room is roomy.

Here is the kitchen, kinda small, but that is ok.  I find a small kitchen to be very efficient.
Sarah Richardson
The fridge might have to go and come back as a under counter unit,
because that is all I see when I look at the before picture. 
I love how the range and vent hood with the corbels is all I see in Sarah Richardson's kitchen.
Fabulous.  Creamy Dreamy.

                         Here is the dining room.  The table is alright and these kind of chairs do great
                                             with slip covers, but here is what I have in mind.
                                                                  Restoration Hardware
                                                       The back patio is pretty awesome.                                           
                        I think it could accommodate more seating for the perfect Aussie Summer Barbie.

             .       I own the magazine this image came from, but I have no clue which one it is.  Sorry.
                                              Here is the Back porch.  This is what I would do.
David Duncan Livingston
I would add a lovely arbor and grow something very climby, like wisteria, bougainvillea, or roses.
This house is too perfect looking with loads of straight  lines and order.  It could definitively use
some chaos from a vine to soften it up.
  I hope you enjoyed the reno,  I know I did.  Heidi


Marcy said...

Heidi, I love your ideas for this house - every one of them! Terrific work!

Kathy said...

You've got vision girl!....k

G said...

A great concept Heidi and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your ideas. gxo

The House That A-M Built said...

You know Heidi, I would do the exact same thing/s! Great minds! I love the De Poitiers kitchen... oh the symmetry. A-M xx

Barbara@HausDesign said...

What a fun post to show your recommendations. I especially liked your sunroom idea at the top...very clever!