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Monday, January 17, 2011

Fixer Upper.

It is a gift and a curse to see potential in pretty much anything, but this one could be my next move.
I have been eyeing this little number for some time now and finally got up the nerve today to call the real estate agent to take a tour.  It seems like a Texas Camp House, but just look past the wood paneling and see what I have in mind.
 Just behind that door is a 2 car garage that could be converted into a lovely family room.
Found on Velvet and Linen (I mirrored the image to get this result)

Perfect layout, but a little too depressing/old world.

                                                                    Veranda Magazine
This one, to me is the perfect amount of old world and could someone please tell me where I can get that console table?

If Hubby gets his new job soon, it looks like we will be jumping all over this one.  Only thing is we have absolutely no idea exactly when the job will come, "soon" we were told, "2 years" we were told 2 and a half years ago.  We are waiting for the man to retire that currently holds the position, only he won't retire.  So if you would like to see this house transformation happen, then say a little prayer that it is a great time for this gentleman to retire so my ever patiently (incredibly frustrated) husband can step into the next stage of his career and we can step into the next stage of our lives with this home in the country. Thank you.  Heidi


Unknown said...

fantastic inspiration plans!

Concrete Jungle said...

I can see it now...hope things work out!

Kathy said...

I can see what you "see' in that house. I hope that you get it, and hubby his job as well. Fingers crossed.....k

michele said...

what a fabulous project with loads of potential! sending good vibes to you today in hopes things will work together for your good.