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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Best of Heidi Claire 2010.

As I flip through my pics that have been posted throughout the year I am astonished with the beauty that was created by so many talented people.  What a year.  Enjoy, Heidi

Favorite pool

                   House Beautiful                               Post title-Peace out.

Favorite Bed Room

Bella Casa Design                            Post title-Sweet dreams Guareteed

Favorite Bathroom

                                                     Image unknown   post title-Bathroom Bliss

Favorite Living Room

                                       Southern Accents             Post title- Beaming with Joy.

                                 Favorite Garden

                                           Southern Accents  post title Life is but a dream

Favorite Post
                                               Chateau Domingue    Post title-Castle Decorating
Favorite outdoor room

        House Beautiful                  Post title-Out door Romance

Blogger's Favorite Wall paper and my favorite table

Canadian House and Home                Post Title-The Trestle Table

Favorite House

Atlanta Homes and Life styles                             Post title-My heart going Boom Boom Boom.

Favorite Kitchen

Tommy Smythe              Post title- Tommy Smythe


michele said...

Dang, you've got excellent taste! The house that made your heart go boom boom--AHHHHH! And Tommy's kitchen is my fav too. Love your blog.


Tretswelt said...

Hallo Heidi...ich wünsche dir einen guten Rutsch und ein 2011 voller überraschung!bussi.Luciene.

Shauna said...

The photo of you favourite house I had to save to my inspiration files! I would LOVE to live in that home!!

sandra funk levy said...

Ok, I'm officially addicted. Thank you for the joy, bliss and romance - and yes, my heart is going boom, boom, boom for your images!!!