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Friday, December 10, 2010

An Anthropologie Christmas.

I was treated by my BFF the other day to my very first Anthropologie experience, it was everything I expected and more.  I felt proud to see some of the same items for sale in the shop that I sell in my little ole store (the calenders you see on the right).  We window shopped till we dropped, ate till we almost popped, ooooed and aaahhhed at all of the multi-million dollar houses with their bajillion Christmas lights decorating their trees, houses and fences.  I guess you can't tell that we had a great time.  She wanted to treat me for my Birthday early since it falls on the 22 and so many years it just feels like I don't even have one.  She really made me feel special, that is her gift.  I am so grateful for my wonderful friends and for having and Anthropologie in Houston.
Enjoy, Heidi.


found here

found here

found here

found here

                                                The single nester

knobs, pulls and hooks                         the single nester

                    Found here

                          Found here

                    Found here

        The Memory Bee

                     French Larkspur

                       French larkspur

                      French Larkspur

                           French Larkspur

                            French Larkspur

                   French Larkspur

                  French Larkspur

                                                    Found Here

                   Found here

                                     Found Here                           Janet, there is your favorite chair.


Mary Ann Pickett said...

Very fun...I am going there today in Newport Beach.
Happy early birthday!
Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

we have one a block away and i often walk through to feel happy, get inspired and on occasion make a purchase. creative folks associated with the stores. love the snow window display.

but most of all - HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICE FANCY LADY!!!!

Unknown said...

Absolutely amazing, what fantastic decorations - and photos!!!

We finally have one in London so now I know what everyone is raving about....I must try to get there before Christmas :)

KiwiStyle said...

Just love the Anthropology shots. I lives thousands and thousands of miles away in New Zealand where Anthropology is no where to be seen so will live vicariously through the photos for now.

Mink Boutique said...

Dreaming up and designing window displays is always one of my favorite parts of my job.

Those photos are spectacular!

Kathy said...

Thanks for the window shop tour! I live on the redneck Anthropologie....I just live through their catalogues, online, and watch Man Shops Globe on the Sundance channel, to get my fix. K

designchic said...

So many pretties...dreaming of going through all of those pulls!!

24 Corners said...

So very ironic!! Just this morning I thought of how desperately I needed to go to Anthro for a serious dose of inspiration, and here you've taken me there! Thank you Heidi!
There's nothing like this store for getting a serious shot of creativity in the proverbial arm!
xo J~