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Friday, October 1, 2010

Chalk Board Wall.

The chalk board trend seems to be taking over the web.  The black background with the eroded white text and scribbles gives a bold yet informal look.  It is a good look, only it is also my kryptonite.  I can only look and admire these rooms, but not venture into them.  Is there such a thing as chalk board phobia?  Something happens to my nervous system when I know what I'm talking about, I cannot even write about it, because of the effects it has on me.  I wish you all a wonderful weekend, I will be staying away from chalk boards.  Enjoy, Heidi
                               found on Design Sponge                                

Sorry, no origin for this pic.

Via Apartment Therapy
                     Sorry, no origin for this pic.
                                        Sorry, no origin for this pic.

         Same kitchen as above pic and again, sorry for no origin.




Kathy said...

Heidi...I have always loved the chalkboard wall visual...especially in playrooms/childrens bedrooms/and utility rooms....but I must admit that the dust factor would get to me....I would definitely entertain the color though. I love a super dark charcoal gray or black room...especially with a whitewash....nice posting...K

highheeledlife said...

great post .. I like the chalk board look but have not been able to commit to doing on the wall. For now I have a repostionable chalkboard sheet that goes on the wall.. HHL

Leah - The Inside Story said...

I love a chalkboard wall and these pics are some of the best I've seen. I know what you mean about the chalkboard phobia though.

El said...

How true, You're right it's a great look but no one ever talks about the sound. (dirty little secret). Hope all is well! El

LuxuryInteriors said...

I love chalkboards!!! In the ideal world I would be able to write on every surface... a home should be a creators paradise, somewhere they could express their ideas at any time, in any way. A childs room would be a wonderful start! Thanks for sharing this great inspiration :)

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