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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Perfect Pool

I have decided on this shape pool, in salt water and the same size of my BFF Janet's pool.  Deep end, yes, diving board, no (too much of a liability, says BFF). Hot tub, no, since I am deathly afraid of gas (to heat the water). 
 Any pointers from pool owners are welcome.
 You first have to dream it before you can do it.  Enjoy, Heidi
Image unknown.


Shauna said...

Gas hot tub?? All the ones around here (including the one we just sold with our house) are electric (hardwired to the panel).

Great photo...I'm looking for inspiration for my backyard right now; just moved in so the inside is top of the work list...but I'm dreaming of a nice oasis!

alice said...

Gorgeous! I'd love to be poolside on one of those lounges right now!

Anonymous said...

I bought a house with a kidney shaped pool in Tucson Arizona about 4 years ago as a winter retreat. It is fun, I have to say that, but maintenance is a head ache. First of all is covering it. Nothing worked in the end and it was expensive and disheartening to finally figure that out. Both the sun and the chlorine destroy everything you put over the pool. Next is the cleaning. The paper filters get clogged up after about 1 week and they cost over $200 each. We finally quit cleaning the pool because it was sort of useless. Now we just dump massive amounts of chlorine in and swim. So far so good. Because we like to swim in the winter when its cold we installed a pool heater. Wow, that has been our best investment. We don't have any worries about the gas and the warm water feels soooo good.

MaryBeth said...

If you have small children look into an automatic pool cover. At the twist of a key the cover comes out from under the decking and covers the pool safely day or night. Placement is everything, don't put it to close to the house but not to far away. Have enough decking so the chairs fit comfortably and you can still walk in front of them. Advance plan for electric and gas all around the pool. I ran extra conduit for music speakers and electric but only on one side of the pool and will live to regret it forever. Let me know if you have any questions maybe I can help.

Angie said...

oooh you've got to have a hot tub!!!! NOTHING better at the end of a long day than the hot tub, looking up at the stars with a cocktail and you significant other!!! A couple of candle lanterns around and maybe a gardenia bush... HEAVEN!!