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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kitchen Reno

Getting all geared up for the big Kitchen Renovation. I can't believe that it is finally happening. I have lived in this 136 year old drug store building for 16 years and we are going to have a bright shiny new kitchen. I'm glad in a way that it is happening now because I got to find the most perfect images to help me decide on all of the details, thank you blogland. Enjoy, Heidi
Windsor Smith
There will be a sink/dish washer island.

House and Garden.
There will be a range in the center of the room on the back wall, oh yeah... and 13' celings.

Traditional Home.
The dining table will be in the room as well, kinda like this but not exactly.

Elle Decor.
I love this range hood and range but don't think I have the cashola to pull it off.
Looks like open shelving too instead of cabinetry.
Still trying to decide if I am going to paint the floors black or white?


galvanized garden said...

You've got to keep us posted on your renovation as it progresses! I'm so excited for you. We live in an old cottage style home and have waited to redo the's last because there are so many decisions! I can't wait to see how yours turns out...maybe it'll inspire me to get started!
Best Wishes,

Unknown said...

Congratulations on starting your kitchen renovation! I've been through it on my own space and for multiple clients. Put on your seat belt for a roller coasterr ride! I'm excited to watch the progress!

Porchlight Interiors said...

How exciting Heidi! I'm sitting on my lounge right now watching a couple of guys walk past with my old blue laminate kitchen (I sold it on ebay)! My new kitchen arrives in 6 more sleeps and I can't wait! Looking forward to seeing how your kitchen turns out - I'm sure it will be gorgeous! After much deliberation, I went with black so I will post about it when it is in...heres hoping I made the right choice! Tracey xx

The Green Pea said...

How exciting to be doing a kitchen reno. I can hardly wait to see your progress.
Nice blog I will be checking in. sandi

Donna Reyne' said...

How exciting!
We too are in the middle of a reno. Our Kitchen is not to be complete though until late summer.
I can't wait to see what you decided to do!
It looks fab by the photos you chose!
Kitchen can be so scary! Once the decisions are made and product ordered...there's no going back!
At least that is what my darling husband would say!

Have a wonderful week!

Brown Button Trading said...

yay! how exciting. go black. love a black kitchen x

24 Corners said...

Wishing you all the best with your kitchen reno! It's an exciting process!
We're just finishing our whole house reno and the kitchen has the range in the center on the back wall and the dining room is open to all just about like your picture I love the least I'm imaging that I do, haven't tried it all out yet.

Looking forward to seeing it all unfold...

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh, Heidi,
You must be so excited. ... and there are so many lovely things to choose from nowadays. You will be spoilt for choice!!
I love the ones that you have shown us and if this is a taste of your new kitchrn, it will be amazing.
Many thanks for your sympathy on my food poisoning. Those pesky little oysters !! I always cross my fingers when I eat them but, I must have forgotten this time !! haha. XXXX

Erica Cook said...

Decisions decisions! All gorgeous I might add. Loving your blog... following to see just how this kitchen will turn out. xo Erica

Unknown said...

oh my! It will be gorgeous based on your amazing inspiration! Loved my visit + I look forward to following! xo

Millie said...

Of course I'm not at all jealous - MUCH!!!!!! I love the idea of the black cabinetry, ultra schmicko.
Millie ^_^