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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Time flies when your on the run.

After having a child & opening a business time has changed in a BIG way for me. Every week feels like one full day, every month feels like a whole week, so after 12 weeks it's been a whole year. I make notes for each holiday to help, because I need it. Notes from last year tell me that if I don't get my Christmas decorations up during Thanksgiving weekend, they will never get up. I have half of them up and it is looking like my store will be decorated that way, half right down the middle. When I don't blog for a few days it is because I am busier that one legged gal in a butt kicking contest. That is a good thing because it means $. I have decided to no longer do weddings because the stress is just not worth it. I can pay my bills with my other orders and remember, I married the Mortician. I wanted you all to know that you all help me to re-charge my batteries. I sit down to blog and yearn to be inspired & I am never disappointed. I have found the most wonderful people through blogging from all over the would.
Thank you for being apart of my life. Heidi
Image via Martha Stewart.
I am sorry I don't have the origin of this image.
Look closely my fellow Aussies, the greenery is seeded eucalyptus.

Image via I think Country Home.
It looks like Christmas tree skirts are out and garden urns are in.


Angie said...

The last one is my Favorite!! I know what you mean about time flying!!! I've got a 11 year old and an 8 year old they keep me running in circles!! I just put away my fall decorations and am going to keep my fingers crossed that I get the Christmas stuff up this weekend- I'm not going to hold my breath though ;)

The House That A-M Built said...

Oh Heidi, what a lovely post! Oh how I laughed at your 'butt kicking' comment. I have been busier than a 'one legged river dancer' too. You are such an Aussie with your little sayings. Yes this blog world is just wonderful... the love and support out there lifts your spirit. Lovely images for a lovely post! A-M xx

Millie said...

And the feeling's entirely mutual oh gorgeous one!
Millie ^_^

galvanized garden said...

A toast to your newfound freedom from weddings! They ARE stressful...which is why I prefer to write about them now instead of actually doing them. Your blog inspires thanks! Slightly snowing in College Station...hope you get some over your way. Makes for happy kids! Have a great weekend...