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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Here's to the two weeks of Weather Perfection.

In Texas (maybe Australia as well) there are 2 weeks of weather perfection in the Spring and then in the fall. We are having that now, Hallelujah!!!!
Here are a few more songs I never tire of hearing.
Hope you all have a perfect weekend. Heidi

Sorry I don't have the origin of any of these images. Shame on me. Tell me if you know.


the French Garden said...

Love these images!
I have a real thing about lights/candles in trees and in the garden.
My christmas indulgence every year is more lights for outside-as I tell my loved one you can never have too much!Well...ok...maybe you can but I'm not talking tacky here, think intimate and elegant and just a little bit of magic!
For the record today is NOT one of those weather perfect days in Australia, or at least not in my part but I love being out in the garden on misty rainy days so maybe its not so bad.

Millie said...

We are on Day 1 of an unprecedented November heatwave Heides. Next week will have everyone heading for the beach to sleep at night. MOTH's just called from his truck to ask me out on a date tonight. I get to pick the restaurant! Happy weekend Mate.
Millie ^_^

walrus studio said...

So casual-elegant-wonderful! I always imagined my wedding party would be like this, under trees with chandeliers hanging above.