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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hello, my name is Heidi Jaster and I am an Interior Stylist.

A great friend of mine told me recently that one way to find out what your bliss is, is to imagine that you are at a party and you are introducing yourself to someone. Imagine you do not have your current job, but a dream job of something you absolutely love doing even if it does not make any money or really isn't considered a job. O.K.
Enjoy the tour of my store that I have styled and photographed.

Welcome to my shop. Everything you see that is blue and white is new to the store. Last week I bought out an antiques dealer all of her blue and white at the fall antiques show.
Thank you Anna Spiro for inspiring me.

I also sell calenders and stationary of high quality, vintage reproduction prints.
I am always in Hunting Mode, yes this is a bird house made from a tea pot.

I am loving all of this blue and white.
Here are artist erasers.
(I had to make a sign, customers thought they were soap, rocks and not sure)
There is some sort of friendship with blue and white and shells. It's like peanut butter and jelly.
I am almost complete with painting all of my doors black, inside and out.
Don't they just say "Pow!"
Old lace $1 per piece.

Yes, that is a old garden gate with a lawn mower, hanging on the wall.
The gate and all of the green shutters came from my Grandma's homestead.
Customers frown when I tell them that they are not for sale. Sorry:(
One rule: I buy what I like.

I am an expert of making something out of nothing.
Here is my Faux Coral (oak branches spray painted red).

Mercury glass, old letters and disco balls, oh my.
I hope you enjoyed my store. I do take credit for hunting down all of this stuff, arranging it and also photographing it. I am looking for the next step in my life and I know without a doubt that if I were a stylist, I would ROCK! So if there are any Australian Home and Garden Magazines out there reading this, I am willing to move. Did I mention that I'm a kick butt Florist and Gardner? That's another post. Heidi
All images on post are via Heidi Claire, which is me, Heidi Jaster.


chair up said...

Your "one rule: I buy what I like" really works...your shop is sensational. I absolutely love the red and white pic with the sprayed oak branch. Great photos too. If you come to Aussie and set up shop I promise I'll come and buy,buy,buy!

Kellie Collis said...

I would be in heaven.. Perhaps i would clean out your lovely shop! x

NM said...

Hi Heidi. I am from Australia (but not in the design industry -sorry) and just wanted to tell you how beautiful this posting is and that I really love reading your blog. Best wishes, NM.

Simone said...

Oh Heidi, this is amazing....what an incredible are GOOD! And yes, you would rock as a stylist.....definitely :)

I would never go home if I had your shop :)

Janie's World said...

What a beautiful store you have and above all, what TALENT you have! Love it. So glad I found your blog, you are inspirational.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Heidi, I've always loved your store ever since I first discovered it probably around the time Linda moved to Burton. I know you don't remember me stopping in, you were busy putting a beautiful arrangement together. Have a flower shop has always been a dream of mine and to combine it with antiques would really be the dream. Beautiful as always. I missed you at the blog party, maybe you can make it out in the Spring, Theresa

thedomesticfringe said...

Love the pictures of your shop!

-FringeGirl said...

Your shop is gorgeous and all of your vignettes are wonderful. I'd say you were already a fantastic stylist.

Heidi said...

Thanks for all of your sweet comments. I need to stop listening to the women in my attic (head) and just do it. Thank you all for the great confidence boost. Heidi

Millie said...

Australia's ready & waiting for your girl - get on that big bird in the sky & come on down!
Millie ^_^

bikim said...

Great fun! that idea is amazing! best rule!!! buy what you want! i totally agree!!! best rule ever!!!
have a lovely buy even if you do not buy what you want!!

lily-g said...

love, love, love it...lets go shopping!

A-M said...

Oh Ms Jasper your taste and style is oh so divine. I bet your current shop is just as divine. LOVE, LOVE LOVE every image of your dream shop! A-M xx

Kimberlee said...

You go girl - stunning stuff - can't wait to see you here soon x

Lisar said...

Oh how I wish I could come over and have a good shop....all that blue and white.....heaven

Bonnie said...

I live in Cambodia, which is still recovering from civil war and staggering poverty. I look at your gorgeous blog site when I need to be refreshed.