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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hello, my name is Heidi Jaster and I am an Interior Stylist.

A great friend of mine told me recently that one way to find out what your bliss is, is to imagine that you are at a party and you are introducing yourself to someone. Imagine you do not have your current job, but a dream job of something you absolutely love doing even if it does not make any money or really isn't considered a job. O.K.
Enjoy the tour of my store that I have styled and photographed.

Welcome to my shop. Everything you see that is blue and white is new to the store. Last week I bought out an antiques dealer all of her blue and white at the fall antiques show.
Thank you Anna Spiro for inspiring me.

I also sell calenders and stationary of high quality, vintage reproduction prints.
I am always in Hunting Mode, yes this is a bird house made from a tea pot.

I am loving all of this blue and white.
Here are artist erasers.
(I had to make a sign, customers thought they were soap, rocks and not sure)
There is some sort of friendship with blue and white and shells. It's like peanut butter and jelly.
I am almost complete with painting all of my doors black, inside and out.
Don't they just say "Pow!"
Old lace $1 per piece.

Yes, that is a old garden gate with a lawn mower, hanging on the wall.
The gate and all of the green shutters came from my Grandma's homestead.
Customers frown when I tell them that they are not for sale. Sorry:(
One rule: I buy what I like.

I am an expert of making something out of nothing.
Here is my Faux Coral (oak branches spray painted red).

Mercury glass, old letters and disco balls, oh my.
I hope you enjoyed my store. I do take credit for hunting down all of this stuff, arranging it and also photographing it. I am looking for the next step in my life and I know without a doubt that if I were a stylist, I would ROCK! So if there are any Australian Home and Garden Magazines out there reading this, I am willing to move. Did I mention that I'm a kick butt Florist and Gardner? That's another post. Heidi
All images on post are via Heidi Claire, which is me, Heidi Jaster.


Ange said...

Your "one rule: I buy what I like" really works...your shop is sensational. I absolutely love the red and white pic with the sprayed oak branch. Great photos too. If you come to Aussie and set up shop I promise I'll come and buy,buy,buy!

Kellie Collis said...

I would be in heaven.. Perhaps i would clean out your lovely shop! x

Natasha in Oz said...

Hi Heidi. I am from Australia (but not in the design industry -sorry) and just wanted to tell you how beautiful this posting is and that I really love reading your blog. Best wishes, NM.

Unknown said...

Oh Heidi, this is amazing....what an incredible are GOOD! And yes, you would rock as a stylist.....definitely :)

I would never go home if I had your shop :)

Unknown said...

What a beautiful store you have and above all, what TALENT you have! Love it. So glad I found your blog, you are inspirational.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Heidi, I've always loved your store ever since I first discovered it probably around the time Linda moved to Burton. I know you don't remember me stopping in, you were busy putting a beautiful arrangement together. Have a flower shop has always been a dream of mine and to combine it with antiques would really be the dream. Beautiful as always. I missed you at the blog party, maybe you can make it out in the Spring, Theresa

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of your shop!


Anonymous said...

Your shop is gorgeous and all of your vignettes are wonderful. I'd say you were already a fantastic stylist.

Heidi said...

Thanks for all of your sweet comments. I need to stop listening to the women in my attic (head) and just do it. Thank you all for the great confidence boost. Heidi

Millie said...

Australia's ready & waiting for your girl - get on that big bird in the sky & come on down!
Millie ^_^

bikim said...

Great fun! that idea is amazing! best rule!!! buy what you want! i totally agree!!! best rule ever!!!
have a lovely buy even if you do not buy what you want!!

Unknown said...

love, love, love it...lets go shopping!

The House That A-M Built said...

Oh Ms Jasper your taste and style is oh so divine. I bet your current shop is just as divine. LOVE, LOVE LOVE every image of your dream shop! A-M xx

Brown Button Trading said...

You go girl - stunning stuff - can't wait to see you here soon x

Lisar said...

Oh how I wish I could come over and have a good shop....all that blue and white.....heaven

Bonnie & Co. in Cambodia said...

I live in Cambodia, which is still recovering from civil war and staggering poverty. I look at your gorgeous blog site when I need to be refreshed.