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Monday, September 7, 2009

Black Floors.

I have made a decision to paint my floors glossy black. I like how the color grounds the room and gives subtle drama. The only draw back I can think of is that they will show dirt more so than a lighter color, but maybe that is a good thing, forcing me to clean more often.
What is your opinion? Heidi
Via Home Magazine.
Sorry I don't know the origin.

Sorry I don't know the origin.

Via Tine K

Via New York Magazine, found on White and Wander.

Image, Chris Everyald via Sarah Kaye.

Via Kelly Wearstler.

Found on Just Beachy.


Anonymous said...

I love the idea. Those photos are stunning!

Porchlight Interiors said...

I think black floors look amazing! Love all your pics! Tracey xx

Sarah said...

first of all i love painted wood floors. second, I do think the black makes a great statement.

Unknown said...

I have personal experience with ebonized floors and all I can say is dust ball! Every tiny dust spec and wayward dog hair show up like they are magnified ten times over. They look great when they are spotless but unless you intend to wear swiffer booties over your shoes you might reconsider in heavy traffic areas. Sorry...

Anonymous said...

You know, the picture and the room itself are two different things. Pictures of black floors are most interesting when they really show the floor and are not so interesting when they are just the bottom of a picture full of furniture.

Some years back there was a photo spread of an interior done by Hugh Newell Jacobson most famous for his "Buckwalter House". He painted every surface in this woman's house white, floors, ceilings and walls and then filled it with whitish furniture. The woman evidenced approval of all of this white but I'll bet she grew tired of it. The rooms just seemed to float. Not interesting.

Black grounds a room, which I like. When I did painted floors I mixted the pigment in polyurathane. That was maybe 5 years ago and the kitchen floor is still a handsom surface and the color has held.



Millie said...

Absolutely go for it Heides! Real estate agents give people disposable Operating Theatre overshoes to wear @ Open Houses, so what if you need to do the same. I believe they are made from the same material disposable shrouds are made from, see I told you there wouldn't be a problem!
Millie ^_^

Unknown said...

Oh Yes...I love black floors! Thanks for sharing! daisy~

Haven and Home said...

Love Love Love high gloss black floors. I say go for it!