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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You asked for it.

The mirrors seem to open up the room and they reflect my energy while I work. This sink is in my dining room area.
After doing my post on mirrors and how I use them, some of you where curious to see. My kitchen has not yet undergone the transformation that I had liked(this is how it has looked for the past 15 years), since last year I took out a loan for the job, but other projects ended up costing more causing us to postpone the kitchen again. I love having mirror facing me at my work stations like the sink and the stove. While I am working at them I can carry a conversation with someone in the room and it feels more comfortable than always turning around. They also act like windows.
I took a cheap little kitchen table and screwed in 2 eye screws into it, (I said hooks in pic) and hung a curtain to hide my bigger appliances like mixer, blender and steamer. In both of my pics you can see how curtains are a cheap way to hide a multitude of sins. Say NO to wallpaper boarders, remember I did this 15 years ago, I do not condone wallpaper boarders. This is my plan to do to my old pie safe that I am currently using as a pantry, it will end up in my beach house. It would look so much better in my kitchen if it had doors or a curtain but the convenience has won over style at this point. I will give you the full update when the renovation does happen.

Image via Raised in Cotton.
Thanks for following the ramblings of a crazy woman. Enjoy, Heidi


Kimberly said...

I love the sink in your dining area, and the floor is divine. I want to see the rest of the room!!!
xxx kim

galvanized garden said...

Love the harlequin floor! I have the same (but painted on concrete)in my flower studio. The skirt fabric...beautiful. Love your style!

The Inmans said...

I love your style Heidi! Will you come over and revamp my house?

koralee said...

Oh my...this is a post for me...I love mirrors...have them everywhere..over my stove...hanging over my kitchen sink covering my window...layering them everywhere.