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Monday, August 31, 2009

A Built In Bed For Your Sleepy Head.

I find built in beds to be so romantic,
like a secret hiding spot that is cozy and magical. Have a magical day. Heidi
Found on Home Sweet Home.
Image via Country Home.
Image via Cottage Living. Not a bed but a changing nook built in a closet, clever.

Image via Home Companion.


Room to Inspire said...

These all look so romantic and cozy! I especially LOVE the first one...


Unknown said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Katherine said...

ah i love it!! i've always thought built in bed nooks were so cool. did you ever see "david the gnome?" it was a cartoon i used to watch when i was little and he had a little wed with shutters built in his wall!

Viera said...

I love built-ins.
Great images, Heidi.


Hello, I absolutely adore your site and I just had to leave a note for you to say so !

Your posts are interesting, creative and original, and your pictures are great too.

Perfection !

Thank you for sharing them all and best wishes... Happy September

Anonymous said...

When I see a built in bed it makes me feel happy, content, and safe. The pictures you showed are inspirational, I loved them.

The only built in bed I ever saw for real was just as adorable as your pictures. I asked the owner how she dealt with changing the sheets. Her answer, "I have a maid". Well that answered that. What is it about built in beds have such universal appeal? Is it a grown up version of the crib? Ann

Millie said...

That changing nook in a closet is so clever it made my head hurt! Yes I agree, if you climbed into one of these beauties you'd feel like you were cuddled into a warm & safe cocoon.
Millie ^_^

French Kissed said...

Not only are these built-n beds beautiful, but they almost have a magical quality. I would love to drift off to dreamland in any of them. You have a wonderful blog!