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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

If you give me a label, I'm not going to wear it.

In the last post I touched on the fact that I admire some unusual things. This image is a perfect combination of such things. Black, botany, nautical, natural, vintage, antiques, Bohemian, even some Gothic. Maybe I am a New Age Hippie? I really don't care for labels anyway, they are too restricting. Enjoy, Heidi

Image via Domino, God rest it's soul. Sorry I don't have the origin of this image.

Image via Garden and Gun.
Image via Aimee Herring.


Kimberly said...

I love these images too. I think they equal the term "ecclectic", though I'm not a label girl either. I have the green gothic church saved as well and don't know its origin. I love the mag., gardens and guns (or guns and gardens?). thanks for the inspiration. xxx kim

Anonymous said...

Ooh, such interesting pieces and places. I agree about the labels. We like such a mixture it is very hard to put a name to it when someone asks. Probably wouldn't have thought of New Age Hippie, tho. LOL

Alicia said...

Labels are silly & sad to think how some people stay away just because its one thing or another.
I love all the images you gave us. They're all one thing wonderful...
the only label I like.
If someone wants to label're a woman of the world.