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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Don't throw stones at Glass Houses.

Image via Helen Norman.
This is the kind of glass house I have forever been in love with, but then I ran across this little number the other day and I died. Then I came back to life and could only imagine, what if this were my bedroom?
I am not a modern kind of girl but I am very into nature and it's beauty. Then yesterday while I was real estate stalking the shores of South Australia and found this gem.

Last three images via Domain.
WOW!!!!!! Put that bedroom on this property. I would just die again only to realize that I was in Heaven. Please talk me out of this amazing dream. Tell me that I would get sun burnt in my house and that the windows would forever be covered in sea gull poop. Tell me horrible things to convince me that this is a very bad idea. Tell me that people would throw stones at my glass house and I couldn't afford the insurance for stone coverage. I need to add another descriptive word to my profile "ESCAPIST". Enjoy, Heidi


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

I just love the first image, well, the second one is pretty good too !! I love the brick floor in the greenhouse. I think we were writing our posts at the sametime as I called mine, Heaven.... I'm in Heaaven. Bit of a coincidence. XXXX

Anonymous said...

If you have the imagination to visualize all that, I say go for it. All very beautiful images. Thanks for taking us along!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Heidi, you just reminded me what I meant to put. I going back to add it. Thanks for reminding me !!! XXXX

Millie said...

Oh I reckon that bit of coastline is just a little south from here on the Fleurieu Peninsula. Though correct me if I'm wrong Heides. It's God's Own, no doubt & one of MOTH's most favourite places in the world. Shall I place a Holding Deposit on it for you & the boys?
Millie ^_^

Viera said...

Coast of SA is so magical (also very isolated) but.. I am with you fantastic spot for a holiday house.
Thanks for sharing, Heidi.

alice said...

WOW- talk about views!!!

Alicia said...

Zowie so gorgeous. I agree with you. Any vista that sublime needs as much glass as possible.
I love how you stalk real estate in other countries. I feel lees of a dork today having the same affliction.