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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's a Summer Night Party in my Secret Garden.

Summer Party anyone?

You are all invited to my imaginary summer party tonight and
every night this week, in case you missed tonight.

There will be fruity frozen drinks, lanterns of coarse, all of the flowers in the garden are blooming and the sun is just setting. The pool is perfect for dipping in toes and for anyone who has the courage to jump in. The Ipod is playing my Favorites Playlist and there is a mouth watering spread of fruits, dips and hors d' oeuvres on a most beautifully decorated, candle lit buffet. Help yourself and enjoy, Heidi

Image via Flickr, Liquid Sky Arts

Image via Traditional Home.
Image via Ariella Chezar. She is the BOMB!

Image via Christina Schmidhofer.


Alicia said...

I'm there: gauzy dress Flip flops and my hairpulled back. My favorite Jack Johnson tunes are on my iPod hoping you'll play them too. Don't you adore the way a summer breeze makes the paper lamps dance????

Rajee Sood said...

Wow Heidi,
My first visit to your blog and this post is so inspiring ... really loved the pictures ...

Unknown said...

Heck Yeah and if they look like that I will defiantly be there!! Daisy~

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, how beautiful. I am RSVPing yes please!!
I love your posts Heidi, I always know that I am going to see something inspiring and gorgeous :)
Simone :)

Millie said...

Oh just what I so need at the moment Heides! That first image is just divine, I want to crawl into my computer & end up with my nose in those roses immediately. Happy weekend to you sweetie.
Millie ^_^

Anonymous said...

Oh, I want to join your party. Love the scene you set and the beautiful pics. I can almost smell those roses!

alice said...

These are happy pictures!
Have a great weekend!

vicki archer said...

Thank you for the most beautiful party Heidi....xv.

sunday mornings said...

i love the paper lanterns! so beautiful!