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Thursday, June 25, 2009

I found my Dream House in Stirling.

Only if it were on the market and only if my wheat penny collection was all the right ones making me a millionaire. Oh well, it's still a good dream. Maybe one day I can at least get to redecorate it, I'll be happy with that much. Thinking of You, Millie. Love, Heidi

All images of ThronGrove Manor in Stirling, South Australia.


Alicia said...

I can already see Princess Snow Bunny curled up to great her visitors on the front steps.

Unknown said...

Just stunning!

Lola said...

Hi! Just happened to come across your super blog and really enjoyed looking over previous posts. Will be back soon to read through more. Loved the images - have a great week!

Millie said...

Now that would be exciting Heides! Even though Thorngrove is over the other side of the village, we'd still be in walking distance of each other - YAY! How good would that be.
Millie ^_^