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Sunday, March 29, 2009

2009 Spring Antique Show via Heidi Claire.

Sunday I decided to head out to the spring antique show going on in my back yard.
Grab a cup of coffee this may take a while. These dealers have gone through hell and back with our weather. Wed. a terrible storm came through while they were setting up and I bet we got 12inches of rain(we needed it) then the wind was something fierce, let me tell you that chandeliers were never meant to be wind chimes. Sat. the Temp. dropped and they nearly froze. Today on Sun. the sun came out and everyone, including myself got sun burnt. That's Texas weather for you. This is maybe the largest antiques show in the U.S. so let me please note that the images I have captured are just the tip of the ice berg. Enjoy, Heidi
My first stop is La Bahia Hall (this is where my Brother got married last month).

This is The Seed Box. Brian and Meloney Russel own it and do a fabulous job. It was here
that I first saw Rachel Ashwell, creator of Sabby Chic. I'm so sad to hear that she is closing.

Here is a shot of Brian of The Seed Box. They have a dog that looks like Toto, named Ruby.

Then I hit The Texas Rose Antique Show, put on by Vickie Davis. This is a great group of dealers, one of which is called Fundustrial, by Susan Skinner and Hector the Collector. I love how they mix garden with industrial stuff. That seems to be a common theme this year.

More of Fundustrial.


I love the chandelier in the giant bird cage by Fundustrial

Another giant bird cage, this time full of trophies, by Fundustrial.

Next to Fundustrial is Maggie with The Veranda. She is a hoot and she's got the Monochromagic touch. Isn't she cute? I wish you could have seen her rubber cowboy boots.(remember it flooded the other day)

The next stop for me is Warrenton, a tiny town near Round Top.

Here I see many a beautiful thing, some things I have no clue to what it is. (aqua glass?) This pic is from an area called Excess Field.

Excess Field Dealer.

Excess Field Dealer. Coral everywhere, on walls, on bottles.

Excess Field Dealer. Succulents everywhere.

Excess Field Dealer. Pink coral.
Excess Field Dealer. This tower sculpture has mirrors inside of it.
Excess Field Dealer. Stands and strands of coral and every kind of stone you can imagine.
Recycle and re purpose. A dealer in the Excess Field.
These look to me like old hay rake tines recycled into a sculpture.
From a dealer in the Excess Fields.
This one looks like the discs used on a old implement to cultivate the soil.
Made by a dealer in the Excess Fields.
A dealer in the Excess Fields.
Next stop, Clutter. Shirley and Staci Schwantz put this great booth together. I have been coming here since forever and this telephone booth is always here, even when the show is not. It reminds me of Dr. Who. They have a wonderful mix of beautiful and strange stuff.Clutter.




Then I hit the Junk Gypsy. These girls know how to have fun Texas Style. I remember one of their first sayings "Good Girls don't make History", or something like that. You can by bumper stickers and tee shirts that say "Rebel Road Sista". This is their pink suburban with long horns. Every show they throw a gypsy prom, and if you don't have a tutu, cowboy boots, rodeo belt buckle and bling, you can buy it here to wear.
Junk Gypsy.

Junk Gypsy.

Junk Gypsy.

I finally got to Theresa at Garden Antiques Vintage. She was having a blog party at 2:00 and also Sue Whitney was there signing her new book, Junk Beautiful.
Garden Antiques Vintage.

A dealer near Zapp Hall.
A dealer in Warrenton. Suculents in boots?
Purses made of vintage fabrics and fringe.

Christmas balls.

Pool balls.Old wood fragments from houses.


Vintage Glasses.

Jewelry and more and more and more. This is the sight on the way home and for the next couple of weeks, people taking pictures in the Blue Bonnets. Hope you enjoyed it. All images are via me, Heidi Claire. Have a great day. Heidi


niartist said...

Heidi! I just happened upon your blog, and I'm so glad that I did! I used to live in Texas, grew up there actually - and I never got a chance to go to these antique fairs. Oh how jealous am I!?!?! That beautiful building facade for the round window would be PERFECT in my house - I have to add that to my list of things to acquire! :) Great blog! So enjoying it ... off to read more!

One Shabby Old House said...

I just dream of being where you are. But that won't happen this time so thank you so much for the pictures. It is almost as good as being there...nah.. I am Nothing is as good as being there. So.. Enjoy it enough for the two of us ok. Your pictures are a treat

No.35style said...

Great pictures! It was so nice to meet you Saturday and visit your darling shop again. I am going to post a picture of that corral if you don't mind and the one I took of you. Let me know if it's not okay!

Unknown said...

omg so cool ...the chandelier in the birdcage is so fabulous ...and the vintage glasses and pearl?!?!'s all divine!

debi lynn mattingly said...

Hi Heidi!

It was nice to get to meet you, even though it was brief at Therea's blog party. I see from your pics that Elizabeth & I visited a lot of the same places! :)

Take care and look forward to meeting you again....if you are ever in Houston...come by the Yaya! Will "do lunch"! xo...deb

Millie said...

Fantastic post Heides!!!! So much to see, so little time, but I just love the potting table & numbered wooden box sitting on it from Fundustrial. What a lovely day you had, these are just the best of days aren't they!
Millie ^_^

Brown Button Trading said...

HEIDI!!!!!! what an amazing adventure - I'll have one of everything please. And nice photography bella. We just don't have anything this good and this big in OZ. x

Lara said...

We missed LaBahia b/c we were catching up on the news with you at BigDaddy's and Shelley had to get to the airport! Thanks for the pics of there, that's going on the "must stop" list next year! Thanks also for all the Burton news and say hi to the peacock for us. Missing the bluebonnets!

Rachael said...

Wow! You had not just a few great retailers but too many to count! You are so lucky, you must have felt like a kid in a candy store! I feel for those poor guys though, setting up in the rain, imagine how long it would take to pack and then unload all the gear, then set it all up again, in the hope that someone bought it....Retail is hard work!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hi Heidi, thanks so much for stopping by at the party. Please mark you calendar to come again in the Fall. I'm planning something a bit different to shake it up a bit. Thanks for also posting pics of my both. Great to see you there, Theresa

Anonymous said...